Personalizing our Social Network

theNativeSociety leads the trend of social networks towards becoming private and personalized.

The goal of theNativeSociety (“tNS”) is to personalize our social network by connecting, reconnecting and expanding relationships while extending our network to different cities.  tNS gains its strength through our members as a whole.  Our collective achievements allow tNS to grow and benefit the group as well as the greater community.

Facebook is six degrees of separation, ASmallWorld is three degrees of separation, and theNativeSociety is two degrees of separation.

Facebook has an unrestricted membership, ASmallWorld has a restricted membership by member invitation, and theNativeSociety has a controlled membership via administrative committees. These members have the trust and responsibility of “personalizing our social network” and avoiding the impersonal viral expansion so commonly observed today. Our administrators are handpicked based on their knowledge, credibility and proven understanding of our business, social, and cultural community as well as their own diverse network of friends.

As thefacebook became facebook on its global expansion, theNativeSociety is reversing this process by putting “the” back into the social network and “t” back into tNS.

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” People from various places act differently and our chapters have their own native ways of doing things within theNativeSociety sensibility. The members of tNS are like-minded and yet are adaptable to different locations. As we in New York accept “Honorary members” (non-native New Yorkers who have adopted the attitudes and sensibilities of theNativeSociety), our other chapters have the same policy of accepting “Honorary members” who are non-native to their city. There is a unique way of socializing and doing business that is native to New York and one that is native to each chapter. We want to accentuate the similarities and differences of our local chapters.

This “customization” benefits our members by facilitating the assimilation process and providing an understanding of the culturial variations and lifestyles within chapters.

Since its inception four months ago and 400 members later, tNS is power brokering relationships, co-branding and creating synergies consistent with its controlled growth and like-minded membership. This will continue on a city by city basis as we personalize our network via theNativeSociety.

Oliver R. Estreich
Founder & President,

[email protected]


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