Kincaid Walker: Award-winning Comedy Series Creator, Writer & Actress

Named by Bustle Digital Group a “Best Emerging Female Creator” for their upcoming “female show-runners to watch in 2019,” Kincaid Walker is the series creator/writer/lead actress of Hug It Out, a digital comedy series following Gwen, who is recently-divorced, broke AF and riddled with intimacy issues, who becomes an unlikely professional cuddler. Hug It Out has played or won over a dozen film festivals, including Austin Film Festival, Atlanta FF, Los Angeles Comedy FF, and most recently was named “Best Digital Series” at SeriesFest and a featured series during IFP Week in Brooklyn, sponsored by HBO and Amazon Studios.   

A Northwestern University theatre graduate, Kincaid can be seen on the ABC half-hour comedy Speechless as “Hillary” as well as opposite Rosario Dawson in the Warner Brothers thriller Unforgettable. She is also one-half of the viral, hit comedy, digital series, D.I.N.K.s (Dual income, no kids), as “Bridget,” created by the director of Hug It Out, Jason Eksuzian. Kincaid has also had many fun, guest-starring roles on shows like Parks and Recreation, Gilmore Girls, My Name is Earl, Castle, and appeared in dozens of commercials, including spots directed by Ron Howard, Bob Odenkirk, Tom Kuntz and Phil Morrison.

Right now, Kincaid is developing a new series she created called Cloudland, a comedy about a woman living in a mental institution, as well as being thrilled and grateful to have been chosen to write an under-wraps, new digital series for a to-be-named-soon network. As passionate about writing as acting, she is excited to be part of a new generation of female filmmakers and creators.

What do you love most about Your City?

I love that in Los Angeles there is always culture, adventure and fun to be had for any price-point, at any time of the day, indoors or outdoors. And I still love driving down Mulholland Drive and seeing the view and the palm trees; I remember moving here from Iowa and being so taken with it and I still feel that rush of love for the city when I drive it today.

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant?

I have a few favorite brunch spots – Ostrich Farm in Echo Park, Salt’s Cure in WeHo– but I love sitting on the patio at Alcove Café in Los Feliz. I love their avocado toast with a Bloody Mary and good company, of course.

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – If I’m shooting that day, I am likely on set or waiting in a trailer to shoot, OR if I’m not working that day, I am definitely still asleep because I probably got to bed only a few hours beforehand.

10:00 AM - Every day is a little different which I love about my life, so I’m either shooting; settling in for the day in my office to make a writing deadline; taking a meeting somewhere/sitting in traffic; or walking my dog Chester, my favorite living creature on the earth.

12:00 PM - Favorite Power Lunch spot/meal?

My favorite power meal is grilled salmon with broccoli and quinoa. It’s something I can make myself (and I’m no great chef), or I can get it at a lunch spot, but I always feel a fantastic influx of energy after eating this meal.

7:00 PM -  A lot of times I’m just getting home to my dog, and unless I’m getting ready to go somewhere else that evening, I’m throwing on music, making dinner and settling in for the second half of my day – my favorite part: the night.

11:00 PM - I am a true night owl, so a lot of times eleven pm is during my most energetic part of the day. I could be doing anything – out at a concert; learning lines at home; binging a show (current favorite: Marcella on Netflix with the amazing Anna Friel); or you know, pretty much anything. The only guarantee is I’m awake.

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

I love soy lattes and at the end of the day, I love New Zealand sauvignon blanc, but primarily during the day I’m guzzling water every chance I can get.

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?

Instagram is definitely my most-used app; in a moment of down time, I definitely find myself spending time perusing the latest photos from friends or posting to my own account: @kincaidwalker.

What should everyone try at least once?

Well, there are probably plenty of good answers here for things I have yet to do in my life, BUT I would say travelling to somewhere – ideally a foreign country – alone. I went to Paris alone when I was twenty and it was a really wonderful, emboldening and empowering experience.

Where do you enjoy getting lost?

The introvert and day-dreamer in me loves getting lost. That could be in a public library, especially the Los Angeles Central Library, which is beautiful and boasts a lot of fantastic art and historical exhibits. I also love getting lost in botanical gardens. From Brooklyn to Edinburgh to Pasadena, if I’m in a city with a botanical garden to explore, I’m there.