MARTY ELCAN is a Director member of the Directors Guild of America, with extensive production experience in film. Her feature film directorial debut NEXT OF KIN features Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer, Emmy Nominee Ed Begley, Jr., People’s Choice Award winner Jeremy London, Bess Armstrong, George Newbern, Kate Orsini and Andrew Lockridge. The film was selected to be part of the DGA Director Finder series. Marty’s earlier directing successes include four award-winning short films, an episode of Fox’ BEYOND BELIEF, 2nd units on the feature WALKING ACROSS EGYPT and the CBS pilot DESTINY, a commercial, several music videos, national award-winning PSA’s and an Emmy-nominated documentary. Her short film THERE GOES THE GROOM won first place in the U.S. Film and Video Festival, the CINE Festival’s prestigious Golden Eagle Award, Best Short in Festival in the Hope and Dreams Film Festival, as well as special mentions from Worldfest and the New York International Film and Video Competition.  It aired on JLTV.  Her second film THE HIT was an official selection in sixteen film festivals and won a Chris Award, 1st place and a Special Jury Award at the CINE Golden Eagle Festival, Best Short in Festival at the Thunderbird Festival in Utah, and a World Medal at the New York Festivals. 

HIT AND RUN was one of seven short films made through a DGA/Kodak grant filmmaking project that screened to a full house at the DGA.  CROSSING THE LINE with Anne Ramsay and James Eckhouse won Best Drama in Philadelphia’s FirstGlance Film Festival Shorts category and was honored at the Filmmakers Alliance’s 10th anniversary Visionfest. Marty was selected by the DGA to profile the first woman Fire Marshal in Los Angeles for the OUTSTANDING WOMEN IN L.A. CITY GOVERNMENT project, currently airing on CityView TV.  She went on to direct the short film AS IF... which addresses the issue of gender and racial parity in a comedic way, and just wrapped principal photography on LADIES MOST DEJECT, a tale of an Appalachian family struggling with the meth epidemic. Between other directing gigs, Marty directs and produces the wildly fun award-winning Sign Language DVD series SHUT UP AND SIGN that has sold in all 50 states. Marty attributes much of her directing knowledge to her extensive work as an Assistant Director where she has helped shepherd such high profile works as DRIVING MISS DAISY, STEEL MAGNOLIAS, MYSTIC PIZZA, HILL STREET BLUES, PICKET FENCES, THE GRASS HARP, AMAZING STORIES, ROMY AND MICHELE’S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION, ONCE AND AGAIN, INHERIT THE WIND (George C. Scott & Jack Lemmon), MY FAVORITE MARTIAN and SIX FEET UNDER.  As an A.D., she was part of teams nominated for three Directors Guild Awards.

With an extensive theater background as an actress, an award-winning still photographer's eye, and extensive production experience, Marty is known as an "actor's director" with a technical expertise and vision. Marty served on the Board of the Alliance of Women Directors, the only film organization dedicated solely to the education, support and advocacy for women directors in the entertainment industry.  She is also on the Board of World Singing Day Organization, and mentors several students through the UCLA Mentorship program.  Any spare time is spent acting, shooting still and 3D photographs, and singing with her award-winning 4-part a cappella harmony group.

What do you love most about Your City?

Moving here from Lynchburg, VA, I saw Los Angeles as the “land of opportunity.”  Truly, I would have never had the career I’ve had anywhere else!  And the weather!!! Gotta love it!

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant?

Favorite breakfast meal is my husband’s oatmeal with fresh fruit, ginger and toasted almonds.

Favorite restaurant is Sushi 101.  Or any good sushi restaurant.  (Damn.  Now I’m thinking about sushi…)

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – If I’m not working, I’m SLEEPING!

If I AM working, I’ve been up for at least 2-1/2 hours and probably at work by now.

10:00 AM - Not working – Going through emails, having already exercised and had breakfast

Working – well into my workday on the set

12:00 PM - Favorite Power Lunch spot/meal?

Hmm!  Don’t have one.  When I’m working, I eat there (BRIEFLY! – often a working lunch).  

Not working, I don’t eat till later – and then it’s usually a sub from a nearby great sub place – or Poke salad bowl

7:00 PM -  If not working, waiting anxiously to see what treats my husband is preparing for dinner!

If working, fighting to get the last shots done!

11:00 PM – Not working – Probably doing my most productive work of the day (I’m a night owl!)

Working – probably been asleep for two hours so I can get up at 3:15am to exercise and prepare for the next day’s work!

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

Large decaf cappuccino with almond milk in the am

Nice glass of cab at the end (and a non-alcoholic Buckler beer)

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?

Sadly, probably Facebook.

Photography is one hobby I’m absolutely passionate about!  So you’d THINK I’d have an instagram account, wouldn’t you?!

What should everyone try at least once?

Reaching for the stars!

Where do you enjoy getting lost?

Pretty much anywhere in Europe!

Any unusual buildings or intriguing artistic area – I get absolutely lost in taking photographs forever!  Especially 3D shots!