Natalie Jill: High Performance Coach & Best Selling Author

Natalie Jill is a Fat Loss Expert turned high performance and branding coach. She helps people across the globe reach their health, business and life goals BY empowering them to level up and create everything from nothing.  Natalie left a very successful career in corporate America to follow her passion with health and personal development.

As a Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist, Fat Loss Expert, and functional fitness trainer; Natalie leveraged the power of the internet and in a short amount of time she was able to help hundreds of thousands of people worldwide get in shape and be their best selves.  In the process, she created a globally recognized brand with well over 2.5 million social media followers worldwide,  and created an online business that has consistently generated 7-figures a year and has been recognized by Forbes and Greatest for two years running as one of the top health and wellness influencers in the world. She is frequently asked about her age (47) and how she appears to be aging in reverse.

What do you love most about Your City?

Sand Diego is always "perfect" the views, the weather, the ocean... My favorite part is that most people that live here WANTED to live here. They CHOSE to move here from somewhere else so there is a lot of gratitude from residents.

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant?

Nitrate free Turkey Sausage and a HUGE bowl of berries topped with shredded coconut, raw cacao nibs, collagen protein, chopped pecans and coconut yogurt.

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM –  Waking up! Ideally, grounding myself in the day, putting a podcast in my ear while I am getting ready, making breakfast, journaling.

10:00 AM - Usually doing a podcast recording or focusing on a work project.

12:00 PM - Favorite Lunch spot/meal?

HUGE salad with lots of greens, grain free crackers, fish or chicken on top and a the salad dressing from my book 7 Day Jump Start

7:00 PM - Winding down! Sitting in my massage chair reading with candles, waterfall on and dim lights. 

11:00 PM - Sound asleep!

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

WATER- all day long, I love sparkling water! IF I need a boost, dandelion tea or an isagenix e shot. I also sip on bone broth a lot!

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?

Favorite IG account @leveling_UP_Podcast :)

What should everyone try at least once?


Where do you enjoy getting lost?

Day Dreaming while walking around the lake or the beach!