Maryam Pirband: Director & Actress

Maryam Pirband is graduated in Movie Directing and Business.She began her career as an actress and played in 22 movies, T.V series and theatre. After some years of assisting famous directors she started her directing career. She Directed, Wrote and produced 18 Short films, Documentaries and T.V series. Her films selected and screened around the world in festivals, nominated and awarded. As a screenwriter she wrote many scripts for features and T.V series also has two published books containing scripts. Maryam participated in many film festivals Jury team as the head of the jury or a member of them around the world.

My Goal of the Day: I know what are my long term goals and I divide them in a timely manner. For example right now I am in my preproduction  so every day I need to meet the crew members and actors and I am working hard on my dialogues in the script since we have changed one character.

My Thought of the Day: To be as much as useful for my-self and others.

My Action of the Day: Having fun with amazing friends. We can find small hours these nights to make it as much as fun we can. I was a stunt girl and I still need to take some more adrenaline . If we can't find anything odd to do we play pantomime competition at home which is very fun.

What do you love most about Your City?

The peace, the nature and the people in my neighborhood ,They are really nice and lovely. My house is in a little distance from the down town of the city so I am located on a hill between wild nature and animals.

I start my days with deers and beautiful birds then I go for a walk and I meet familiar happy peaceful faces of neighborhood people that usually we meet each other on the runway.The way they smile makes my day happier.

This place is perfect for me when I am writing.

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant?

I start my day with a palm of hand size,slice of bread and two spoon of peanut butter every day with a cup of Persian tea.I eat my breakfast at home other wise my eyes do not open fully.  

What are you doing at:

This is my daily schedule and when I am not involved in a film production.

6:00 AM – I wake up at 7:00 Change my clothes that is important to me I don't like to start my day in my sleepwear, then listen to the news and make my tea ,then I have time to say my prayers and to say my golden sentences about my what I am going to do for my aims and what is my next step.It takes a few minutes.Then eat my breakfast.

Checking my emails and messages.And go out for a morning walk and listen to an audio book or story,  love that.

10:00 AM – Start my writing or if there is any thing out of home that I prefer to do that in this hours of the day.

12:00 PM - Favorite Lunch spot/meal?

I usually prefer to go to Shiraz restaurant or The Derby or Denny's ,it depends on my mood.

7:00 PM -  I love sushi and usually go to sushi Kuni or stay at home because I used to have my colleagues gatherings and talk about our projects and if so we cook together or order pizza .

11:00 PM – Watching movie ,Then call my family because this is the time when day starts there ,with 12 hours time difference and then read books before I sleep.

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

I am famous for drinking plenty of water . I love tea and hot natural herbal drinks that I've learned how to make them when I made a documentary in old cities.

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?

I use instagram and facebook ,I spend ten minutes a day to answer my followers on instagram and manage my pages or messages in my website.

What should everyone try at least once?

Leave ordinary daily life and do what ever they always dreamed about.

Where do you enjoy getting lost?

Inside the people in new societies and with different cultures that is why I traveled a lot and stayed long in different places around the world.

My Deed of the Day: Make my parents happy and make them feel alive and believe that I am happy and successful. I am the only hope in their life and now I am far from them. I manage everything for them in this long distance, I have very good friends there .When I make sure they are happy and satisfied I feel good.

Beside that I do some charity activities, making homes for people who lost their homes in earthquakes or other disasters. This is painful to choose some between thousands and the hardest part of our activity , I wish I could help all of them.

My Tip of the Day: Now meeting the famous actor who is going to play in one of my hardest roles in the script and reach some mutual points for this character, we have some disagree points right now on that and we need to make it clear.

My Pic of the Day: