Shunri MacQuarrie: Founder, Shunly Skin Care

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Shunri MacQuarrie is a professional, established aesthetician that stands behind the Shunly Skin Care range. Starting at a young age and ever since experimenting with high-end cosmetic lines such as Shiseido, Kanebo, Sofina, Kose, Anessa, and others, Shunri continued her fascination with skin care and its ability to change and heal the skin. Following her ambition to receive the best possible training and education in the field of skin care, Shunri moved from Japan to Los Angeles. Since then, the United States has been her second home and the company headquarters location. While experimenting with cosmetics and receiving her professional education, Shunri began to realize that there is a lot to discover and research in order to deliver real solutions for a beautiful skin.

With over 28 years experience in skin care supported by formal education, field practice and certifications from the internationally recognized institutions (IDI The International Dermal Institute, Skin Ceuticals, Nylynn LLC, Health & Nutrition Detoxification M’llis, Dermalogica, G.M Collin, M.D Formulation, I.D Bare Mineral, Methode Physiodermie and Aveda), Shunri became a widely recognized professional in her field. She has also advised many individual customers with problematic skin conditions such as: adult acne, middle aged skin stress, post pregnancy skin issues, young age with photo damage, resulting in astonishing treatment successes. Her advanced knowledge in skin care, formulations, and a curiosity for effective professional products resulted in Shunly Skin Care solutions for contemporary women and men looking for products that deliver visible results on the skin. Shunly Skin Care believes 3 SkinCareActs™ of Prevention- Protection-Correction enclosed in highly concentrated FUSION FORMULA® of only purposeful ingredients is what every skin needs, regardless the sex or age. Feel the difference with each drop of your Shunly Skin Care formulations!

My Goal of the Day: Find one positive thing about each of my guest.

My Thought of the Day: What email and task I should focus on tonight when I get home from worktime so I can have my beautify sleep at least 8 hours so start my next day.

My Action of the Day: One cup of warm water every morning I wake-up.

My Deed of the Day: Lot of kisses to my dog when I get home tonight.

My Tip of the Day: I have food on my table when I am hungry, I have roof over my head when I am sleep tonight. Knowing families and animals are healthy and safe. Nothing more I should wish but just simply feel how lucky I am today.

My Pic of the Day:

A Day in My Life:

What do you love most about Your City?

4 seasons with beautiful green and mountains near by that give me peace and relaxation.

People here are very humble and happy within their own skin.

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant?

I like to have breakfast from left over dinner. If I don’t have left over then I like to make a quick breakfast with Trader Joe`s frozen vegan pan-cake or plain Trader Joe`s frozen oatmeal that I can warm up in microwave in 3 min and eat while I am driving to work. My husband cooked gourmet vegan meal everyday so I don`t normally eat out unless I absolutely have business meeting with customer then I will normally go to the restaurant that has healthy options. My favorite restaurant is my husband cooked meal at home.

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – Still sleeping.

10:00 AM:

1.    Sunday-Tuesday: I am working in my office.

2.    Wed: Heading to work at 9 am and taking my first guest for skin care service in Boise location.

3.    Thursday-Saturday: Heading to work at 8 am and taking my second guest for skin care service in Boise location.

12:00 PM - Favorite Lunch spot/meal?

If I am at work then I will eat whatever I bought from home with at least one fruit with my lunch meal. If I am not at work but working in my office then I will eat whatever my husband made.

7:00 PM:

1.    Sun -Tue: Working in my office until my bed time.

2.    Wed: 8 hours of day work at spa and get ready to heading to my office.

3.    Thur -Sat: 8 hours of day work at spa until 5pm and continue working in my office until bed time.

11:00 PM – Get ready to bed or call my mother (in Japan) and sister (in Australia) for quick chat.

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

I drink warm water first thing in the morning before I take anything into my body. On week day, I will drink green tea after cup of the warm water while I am driving to work and just a water for entire day. On the weekend when I working in my office, I sometime drink one cup of coffee after my cup of warm water and water only throughout the day. Evening weekend, I make my own Dates and Goji berry hot tea and drink before my bed time.

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?

I love and use Happy Cow app often which is give me options to choose any restaurant near me that offer healthy choice meal when I am away from home. My favorite Instagram account is of course shunlyskincare -

What should everyone try at least once?

Yoga and meditation at home.

Where do you enjoy getting lost?

In my own brain where I have so many ideas kept going beyond my abilities to execute them all.