Eugenia Kuzmina: Fashion model, Actress, & Comedian

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Eugenia Kuzmina is a fashion model, actress, and comedian born in Russia. Her dad was a Nuclear scientist. Eugenia's first entertainment gig was at 13 years old when she was pulled out from a group of kids in her school to appear in a Russian version of SNL " Eralash". She was then cast to appear in Chuck Noris film, but couldn't leave the country due to visa issues. After appearing in commercials for Coca-Cola, Loreal, and Wrigleys in Moscow she was noticed by a scout at Nathalie Models Europe. She signed a contract and moved to Paris at 15 to work with such brands as Cartier , Dior , Armani,Hermes , Loreal , Vogue among many others .... After Ford Models, then IMG resigned her contract and moved her to US , she was noticed by Rodrigo Prieto ( cinematographer " Wolf Of Wall Street ", " Babel " ) to appear in his directorial debut opposite Elle Fanning " Likeness " .

The movie was screened at Tribeca and received excellent reviews. John Turturro cast Eugenia to play opposite him in a film with Woody Allen " Fading Gigolo". Recently Eugenia worked opposite Bill Murray in " Rock The Kasbah " and opposite Milla Kunis and Christina Applegate in " Bad Moms " and Rebel Wilson in " Isn't it Romantic " Eugenia's Tv credits include " True Blood"," New Girl", " Castle", " The Comeback", ' Lady Dynamite " ... Eugenia is very passionate about comedy and writes and performs Stand Up regularly at THE COMEDY STORE and touring around US . Her other hobbies include motorcycles , languages (French, Portuguese), and supporting environmental issues around the world . She resides in Los Angeles with her Husband Bill Block ( CEO of Miramax ) and 3 children

My Goal of the Day: To connect and affect at least one person a day by bringing smile and adding joy to their day 

My Thought of the Day:  What day is it? .... My mind goes blank, it just happens, I’m a model (just kidding)

Real thought: I’m grateful to have a supportive husband, raise kids and also pursue a career in comedy, acting and modeling and give back to the environment and people in need. I grew up in food lines in post-soviet Russia so gratitude is the biggest habit we practice in our family

My Action of th Day: I created a Stand Up Comedy group with few comedians. We just got back from Stand Up Comedy Tour with @nobodies funny, supporting Equal Rights Amendment @equalmeansequal. Our next show will be in Palo Alto on Dec 9. I also just got a motorcycle license to be able to film a scene on a motorcycle for an action film, produced by Televise. And of course there’s a lot of actions with 3 kids like school meetings, homework, etc. 

My Deed of the Day: I voted 

My Tip of the Day: Life is a journey not a destination

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A Day in My Life:

What do you love most about Your City?

I love LA sunrise and sunset sky color and that even though it’s a metropolitan city, there’s so much space and not many highskrapers. I love the diversity of peoples stories. Everyone moves to la to peruse a dream and I find it inspirational and courageous. I love the artist communities 

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant?

We love Mel’s on Sunset because it has that All American vintage vibe with so much history. We love having a coffee and reading Sunday papers and scripts with my husband, kids love their pancakes and after I usually sneak into this bakery called “La Conversation “for a fresh croissant. Its definitely a European nostalgia, I lived in Paris as a teenager and as its said, you can take a girl away from Paris but you can’t take Paris away from a girl)) 

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – Meditating and getting kids ready for school

10:00 AM – I’m either on set for a photoshoot, movie set or to show or I’m filming videos for my blog or writing stand up for The Comedy Store  and reading scripts 

12:00 PM - Favorite Lunch spot/meal? 

Chateaux Marmont feels like a second home and  I love the mystery and atmosphere of the garden . Their salads are amazing 

7:00 PM – A lot of times I’m still on set . It can be a 12-hour shoot and ongoing and the schedule changes hour by hour. I know modeling and acting looks glamourous from the outside but it takes enormous passion, determination and commitment from each person involved to create a movie, or a 12-page fashion editorial that looks effortless. If I’m done then there’s no better place to be then home playing with kids and helping them with their homework, bath and acting out characters from kids’ books together 

11:00 PM – Part of the life as a comedian is that Comedy shows run really late, sometimes till 1 am so a lot of nights after the kids are in bed I would run do a set at the Comedy Store or Flappers or Laugh Factory. I’m a natural owl by nature and if I’m not performing, I love writing after kids go to bed and its quiet in the house 

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

Alkaline water with lemon. Traveling since 13 every week for modeling assignments takes a toll on the skin and alkaline water helps to balance your metabolism and detoxify

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?


I’m inspired by work of director Kamala Lopez on educating women in America

What should everyone try at least once?

Do something that scares you and your passionate about. I never thought I can do standup especially after I was told I’m too pretty to be funny. I knew there’s a double expectation and I loved diving into breaking new grounds for women in Comedy. It’s also a fact that our brain builds new connections and develops from learning skills we never tried before  

Where do you enjoy getting lost? 

In people watching and connecting and telling stories. I love people and I’m constantly curious about human nature. What motivates a person? Why someone does what he does? What makes someone laugh and cry. I inherited my curiosity from my dad who was a nuclear scientist in Russia