Kyle and Liam Alexander: Filmmaking Duo


Our NativeAdVert:

Filmmaking duo Kyle and Liam Alexander are working are launching their documentary Stroke of Genius, where they have interviewed people who have overcome life-changing, traumatic medical events. They have documented 9 individuals from New York City, Nashville, Austin, Denver, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Seattle. They are hoping to use their online momentum and strategic partnerships to create an Internet based video platform for people to share their own story to enrich the lives of others. 

My Goal of the Day:

    • Liam: Get through 80% of my to do list…

    • Kyle: Make one person smile, since it rhymes with Kyle :)

    • Liam : Wow, I just got so trounced by Kyle’s goal of the day!  Haha, mine is so lame *adds to to-do list “come up with better goal of the day”. 

My Thought of the Day:

    • Liam: Today, this is my thought;  “If you don't say it, it does not exist.  Don't hide it.  Don't play it over in your head.  Have the conversation out loud with the people who matter and do it today! “

    • Kyle: When I wake up in the morning I think about what person I can connect with.  I am sharing and learning something new in this world with each person I connect to.

My Action of the Day:

    • Liam: Gee… my action? I take so many different actions all day long, included but not limited to: talking, walking, writing, organizing, thinking, creating, painting… 

    • Kyle: Everything that there is to accomplish.  Without action, nothing gets done.

Our Pic of the Day:


What do you love most about Your City?

    • Liam : We are spoiled rotten in NYC!  Literally anything you want is available at any time of the day.  Need a Lion at 12:30am?  No problem.  Whenever I travel I am just reminded of how spoiled we are.  You would not imagine the profound lack of availability of Jamaican beef patties at any hour of the night in other parts of the world. 

    • Kyle: There is something different around every corner, and yet you can find everything you need to live the rest of your life in one neighborhood . Coming from SoCal, I have yet to find good guacamole.  

Favorite breakfast meal & restaurant?

    • Liam: I eat the same thing for breakfast almost every day; egg whites, avocado, jalapeños, and cabbage in a bowl with hot sauce. #breakfastofchampions  I have one main diet rule: when you are by yourself eat ridiculously lean. (veggies, egg whites, cottage cheese, organic trail-mix, apples, no dressings, no sauces) This way when I go out I can eat whatever I want and I don’t have to even think about it. I never experience “food remorse” and never second guess myself at a restaurant or out with friends.  Curly fries!  Burritos!  Hook it up!  Favorite Restaurant: The Cottage in Union Square #IfYouKnowYouKnow 

    • Kyle: Right now, avocado toast with a poached egg on top.  But I make the best pancakes. My all time favorite restaurant is The Little Owl in the West Village. 

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM –

Kyle: Waking up and re-checking my to-do’s that day.

Liam: God Bless you Kyle, you will NOT find me up at 6am.  You will find me fast asleep dreaming  

Kyle: That’s probably why I end my day before you!

Liam: LOL 

10:00 AM -

    • Liam: 10am each day we have our #StrokeofGenius morning meeting.  Whether we are in the same room or across the country on a conference call; in a group, or just Kyle and I, we start every meeting the same.  We go around in a circle and each of us share: 

1 -  The most impactful moment in our life from the last 24 hours.

2 - Three things we are grateful for. 

    • Kyle: It changes your thought process and you can actually create possibilities for yourself and others who are engaged with the conversation.  It sets you up for success, and with a to-do list a mile long sending us working into the night we not only need coffee, but the right positive mindset.  Gratefuls and sharing impactfuls have to be one of the best things we have implemented into our work and life. 

    • Liam: Yeah it really grounds us, and also orients us as a team everyday.  Through this practicewe get to know each other better.  This ritual has changed my life.  

12:00 PM - Favorite Lunch spot/meal?

    • Liam: I don’t really have lunch, mostly I just eat trailmix.  Coast to Coast Trailmix is my go to lunch.  But I read once in this book (I believe was written by Oprah’s assistant) that Oprah never had a meal without someone influential present.   She always took power lunches. That sounds amazing to me.  If I had lunch, I would do that. 

    • Kyle: Liam doesn’t really have lunch, but I venture out because I know the balance of nutrition.  Now, I bring a lunch, like a salad or I try to eat something healthy to give me energy for the rest of the day.   

7:00 PM - 

    • Kyle: Mondays I’m usually starting a game of basketball at 7pm lasting until 9:30pm.  Any other day of the week I am having dinner meetings, drinks, networking, building relationships, Thursday Art Walk in Chelsea, finishing my to-do list for the next day or hosting the organization that I am a part of, “House of Genius”.

    • Liam:  Usually at 7pm I’m returning to the Office/Studio.  I have a routine that I go to the gym in the evening, workout and also meditate, take a steam, and relax.  Its kind of awesome because it completes the day for me.  Then I get back into the office around 8/9pm and I can return to a project with fresh eyes, or work on a new art piece with freedom and ease.   

11:00 PM -

    • Kyle: I try and finish my work by 8pm so I can either reflect on my day and/or set changes for tomorrow.  By 11pm I try and make it a habit to watch a documentary 2 days a week.  Or I will spend my nights catching up with family and friends over a glass of wine before bed.

    • Liam: Maybe on a date… but… usually in the studio.  Actually 10 - 12 is one of my favorite times to work on creative stuff.  I’m usually feeling accomplished and free after a complete day and I’ll just be kicking it in the studio doing whatever. 

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

    • Liam: Seltzer Water! Saratoga Seltzer Water or Vintage is my jam.  I drink it all day and all night.   Also, Cafe Bustelo is life.  A Cafe Bustelo sponsorship would change my life. 

Kyle: 2 cups of coffee in the morning, 1 Chef V green drink or fruit smoothy on my way to     work, 2 cups of tea in the afternoon, and 1 small cup of afternoon jo.  In between, I like to have glasses of water.  I usually end my day with a glass of wine and tea.   

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?

    • Liam: According to “Screentime” my most used app is “messages” LOL  Actually, I am extremely watchful of my app usage and phone time, until the new Iphone release I had a parent control app installed on my phone to lock me out of using most apps.  Wait, that’s my favorite app!  Screentime!  On the new Iphone OS, it shows you how much time you use on each app, and allows you to set time limits.  I love that.  Life happens out here, in the world, with people, call me, lets go do something!  I don’t use apps, I have no alerts, I get no notifications, I don’t have facebook installed, time limit on my instagram, my brother Max said it best: when it comes to social media “Don’t scroll, strategic plan your face off!”

    • Kyle: My favorite Apps have to be Headspace and ESPN. My favorite IG accounts - I love spending time on @shareyourstrokeofgenius and engaging with our community. Other than that, I love IG quotes.  

What should everyone try at least once?

    • Kyle: Skydiving. Been 3 times. You don’t even know you are falling, and the feeling when you first leave the plane….I’m going to leave that to you!    

    • Liam: Try everything once, Try everything twice damn it!  People are so scared and people always go to the grave regretting the things they don’t do.  Take that risk, call that person, take the leap.  You will be ok.  In fact, you'll be better for it.  ….and Skydiving OMG +1 Kyle. 

Where do you enjoy getting lost?

    • Kyle: I love getting lost in a new neighborhood, especially when I am late or trying to make a meeting on time.  Why?  Because then I have a story to tell, an honest story, which generally excuses my tardiness and brings a fresh air to the environment in the meeting.  It’s like going on random locations with a date, having no destination in sight, ending up at a supermarket, laughing at spontaneous things about life, all while loving how the night actually ended up. 

    • Liam: I love that Kyle, +1 +1 I’m always lost.  I have a commitment to discovery and living in discovery.  That’s life.  When you’re not lost it’s a surefire sign you’re not challenging yourself.  If you feel like you’ve got everything figured out, take a hint from Kyle and go get yourself lost.