Annita Perez Sawyer: Author, Psychologist & Faculty Member at Yale Medical School


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My Action of the Day: Although my schedule doesn’t always allow it, I try to walk for at least a half hour every day. It gives me a chance to stride and feel tall, to reflect on my life and ideas and hopes and dreams.

My Deed of the Day: Because of my book, and sometimes my talk or my papers, graduate students or young clinicians contact me. They need to share struggles with demons from a psychiatric past that they are required to keep secret in their present situation. I feel honored to be trusted and eager to offer comfort—just knowing someone else understands can make the unbearable tolerable. So we converse by email.

What do you love most about Your City? I love many things about Northampton. I love the architecture, the history, and especially the people—they’re all ages, all types— real individuals who appear friendly and content to be themselves. I love that most side streets are narrow and cars really do stop for people in the zebra striped crosswalks. This keeps the pace manageable and reflects the thoughtful, welcoming atmosphere.