Bryan Gerber: Co-Founder, Hemper


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My Tip of the Day:  I suggest that everyone try to follow their dreams regardless of what anyone tells you at the start. When starting Hemper, I was told that it wouldn't work out because of the state of the cannabis industry and because it is in a more high risk industry. I made sure not to listen to any negative comments from people and now look at where Hemper is at? If you have a passion and/or dream, don't give up without initially at least trying.

Where do you enjoy getting lost? I enjoy getting lost at the beach, in particular Malibu beach in Southern California. It gives me the chance to slow down my thoughts and let my mind drift to different places. I have actually have come up with some of my best ideas for the business while laying down at the beach for a couple of hours. Something about the silence and waves really helps me think.