Chef Chris Gould: Owner, Central Provisions / Tipo Restaurant

Chef Chris Gould began his culinary career at the age of 15 as a summer dishwasher and prep cook at the Bethel Inn in Bethel, ME.  When asked to return the following summer, he said yes, but only as a cook on the line. He spent the following summer on the line working sauté and when it came to deciding where to go for collage his chef Steve Stone pointed him toward The Balsams Hotel in Northern New Hampshire.  The Balsams, had an accredited ACF (American Culinary Foundation) apprenticeship program where chef Chris trained under several Certified Master Chefs and Bakers such as Chef Roland Henin, Chef Phil Learned and Chef Steve James. After graduating from The Balsams Chris landed in Boston in 2006 and started working at Clio Restaurant as a Garde Manager cook; within a year he was chef tournant including taking on the position of sashimi assistant at Uni Sashimi Bar. In 2009, he helped Chef Ken Oringer and Chef Jamie Bissonnette open Coppa Enoteca as the opening sous chef. Later that year Chef Oringer had Chris return to Uni Sashimi Bar as his chef de cusine where he spent the next three years. He also met his wife and business partner, Paige Gould at Clio and in October 2012 the two  moved to Portland,ME.  Chris and Paige spent two years making Central Provisions a reality, and in February 2014 they opened the doors to national acclaim. Three years later they opened another Portland restaurant specializing in Neapolitan pizzas, pasta and small plates called Tipo.

What do you love most about Portland?

I love that there are so many great restaurants, farms, fish mongers etc for such a small city.  It really has big city food options with a great small town feel.

Favorite Meal?

A really good Italian grinder, with a cucumber and tomato salad

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM getting up and getting my kids ready for school

10:00 AM - meeting with my chefs to talk about new dishes, staff, etc

12:00 PM - butchering whole animals or fish

Teaching my chefs how to fabricate meats properly

7:00 PM -  expediting or observing service

11:00 PM – ordering and organizing

Favorite Drink?

Summer: Peyrassol cote de provence Rose

Winter: Blantons Bourbon neat

Where do you enjoy getting lost?

Off the beaten path in foreign cities (Naples especially)