Isaiah Ruffin: Executive Chef, The Bird DC

Isaiah Ruffin is the award-winning Executive Chef of the Bird in Washington D.C. After 13 years of military service in the Army he has embarked on kitchen leadership roles from Denver to Denmark before finally returning to his birth city of the District.  He received his B.S in Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wales University and his M.S. in Sustainable Food Systems. In addition to being an active member in kitchens, he has written for publications like Edible D.C. about the southern Maryland’s agriculture emerging scene after years of tobacco production. He currently resides on southern Maryland with his family.

What do you love most about Your City?

I love its energy. I love how at 2 in the morning it is likely you will see a family a four walking by the national monuments as if it is a common occurrence. Also, I love it’s architecture. I love everything from the row houses, to the original 16 blocks of marble, to the peaking of natural light leaving the metro.

Favorite Meal?


What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – Sleeping.

10:00 AM - During the week I am just walking into work or at the farmer’s market. On my days off I am at home hanging with the family.

12:00 PM - During the week I am receiving my daily orders. If I am home I am more than likely trying to get a nap.

7:00 PM - During the week I am on the expo line ensuring the food is sent out expeditiously to the right table(s). On my days off I am usually cleaning the kitchen after cooking dinner.

11:00 PM - During the week I have just walked through the door at home. I take off my shoes and grab a beer. On my days off I’m sleeping.

Favorite Drink?


Where do you enjoy getting lost in Your City?

No. I’m never lost in my city. I might get turned around momentarily… but never lost.