Chris Paquette: DeepIntent Founder & CEO

My Highlights:

My Highlights:

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Inspiration for DeepIntent?

As we are engineers by trade, DeepIntent’s founding team sat in a unique position to see the technical and business challenges to building what is ultimately a marketing platform combined with a DSP – the first platform that truly integrates the most advanced marketing and advertising technologies and practices. Our platform can source data from CRMs, email lists and then enrich the data set with our own first party interests/affinity data in addition with third party datasets. We use our data to build highly granular look-a-like audiences in order to expand upon these known customers and add additional scale and reach. For those advertisers who have an idea of their customer persona(s), we can easily translate these personas into programmatically targetable audiences. This is because our AI can understand up to 30 million individual concepts and sentiments, so DeepIntent can get very specific when building very complex audiences that represent varying levels of detail in their personas. For example, we can target users who are interested in specific car models and place considerable interest in fuel economies.

Career Advice?

Never settle; always keep learning. If you’re in sales, expose yourself to the tech side. If you’re in tech, learn what motivates the clients. You can always apply learnings from various parts of the business to your current role.