"We all have a voice within - A Native, Inherent Voice that tells our story."

*Native: (of a quality) belonging to a person's character.


The Native Influence is our latest dedicated platform for offering Contributors the ability to easily post, update, and share content in real time, anytime.

Visit The Native Influence’s Contributors’ page for targeted viewing and searching of our Contributor content. 

Additionally, The Native Influence platform now offers the following Premium Features:

  •          Advanced searching & filtering of Contributor content

  •          Quick insights via an advanced “filter by question” tool

  •          NativeAdvert membership status


To inspire, encourage and enlighten through featuring and promoting high quality content from industry experts, leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers. Our aim is to promote personal and professional growth, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Our Contributors are carefully selected thought leaders and conscious business professionals with unique achievements, insights and attributes that we believe should be shared. Contributors have the ability to drive change and positively influence the community in a manner that is consistent with our mission.

Our Readers include talented, driven and inquisitive minds that seek further insight, encouragement and inspiration in their journey to embark upon new and creative initiatives, opportunities and/or challenges. Among these readers are the next generation of pioneers and visionaries.


With the help of thousands of contributors, readers and advisers, we have developed and fine-tuned a specific and targeted collection of questions and tools tailored to the interests of TNS contributors and readers. These include: