Wendy Diamond: Internationally Renowned Social Entrepreneur, Impact Investor, Humanitarian & Best Selling Author

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My Admission Statement: My unwavering passion for technology grows from the innovation and positive social impact it will have on the world to support the underdog!  It has also developed me as a social entrepreneur with multi-faceted initiatives and has given me a wealth of global contacts ranging from CEOs and philanthropists to royal families and government officials. My role in this sphere is to inspire governments, business leaders, and civil society to embrace - Life/Health Sciences, Renewable Energy, Blockchain, Robotics, FinTech, Real Estate, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual/Augmented Reality!  I'm excited to collaborate and advantageously revolutionize this space with you to benefit everyone worldwide! 

Bio: Internationally Renowned Social Entrepreneur, Impact Investor, Humanitarian, Best Selling Author -  Wendy Diamond is CEO and Founder of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO)/#ChooseWOMEN, a non-governmental philanthropic volunteer organization with chapters in 144 countries and 112 Universities/Colleges on a global mission to empower WOMEN in business to alleviate poverty.  

She is an Investor/Advisor in social impact disruptive technologies and women led businesses including  Producers Market, RISE Wealth  Technologies, LOOK Lateral Art, IPWE , IGP Methanol, Blocktower Investments, Infinigon Group, SAFE Health App,   Farma Trust, Breathometer, and SNAKT Video APP.  

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Wendy has authored 10 widely-celebrated books, garnered Three Guinness World Records, and has appeared in media outlets including Oprah, NBC’s Today Show, The New York Times and Forbes. She has been also been a featured keynote speaker at the United Nations, Harvard University and Davos.

Wendy sits on the Advisory Boards of Ellis Island Honors Society, Global Women in Blockchain, Social Innovation Summit, Humane Society of New York and Grey Muzzle Foundation.  Prior to WEDO, Wendy founded Animal Fair Media, Inc., the premiere pet lifestyle media platform bridging celebrity, pop culture and animal rescue, to support animal welfare when she learned 12 million animals were euthanized a year.

Career advice to those in your industry?

Enjoy the Journey and understand what ever happens is a positive – whether you realize it in a day, year or a decade Also - Keep a small group of close friends who believe in you!

What do I do best?

DREAM – love believing you can make the impossible possible

What makes me the best version of myself?

I am lucky to retain Passion, Purpose, Persistence, Perseverance, Positivity and Pluck – truly with these traits you can do anything in this world you put your mind to!

My Biggest Success?

Hasn’t happened yet…. Important to always BE Humble

My Motto?

“You need HOPE to have a dream and Dream to have HOPE.” – Wendy Diamond (quote inspired after I adopted Baby Hope my RIP pup)

My Goal of the Day: Lucky mindset

My Thought of the Day: Grateful

My Action of the Day: Let’s do it!

My Deed of the Day: Connecting someone less fortunate with someone who can help them become inspired and thrive!

My Tip of the Day: “OVERDELIVER - People Remember! Underdeliver - People Quickly Forget” Wendy Diamond

A Day in My Life:

What do you love most about Your City?

EVERYTHING! I love New York! Peaceful, Inspiring, Teaching, and Stimulating! The People, Central Park (walking my pup Happy), United Nations, Pizza – I could go on forever!

My favorite dinner & restaurant?

INDOCHINE – the food and scene has never changed since the very first day I dined there, when I first moved to New York! The best TOFU I have ever had – yes I am a vegetarian!

What are you doing at:

6:00 AM – Waking Up – Start the French Press … French Roast Coffee😊

10:00 AM – Working like a dog, and rallying the world to support the underdog!

7:00 PM - Enjoying the city – every week I goto two new restaurants, attend art gallery openings, charity events, disruptive technology meetups, and anything to educate myself more... I will never lose my inner child, and gratefully feed this part of my essence via embracing, enjoying and experiencing life daily!

8:00 PM – This is my wind-down time, when I exhale and prepare for my next busy day of business meetings and events!

11:00 PM – SLEEPING – Nothing good ever happens after midnight outside the bedroom😊!

What drink do you need to get through the day and at the end (and how many)?

Always daily WATER – maybe with a splash of cranberry, and of course lemon (the best antioxidant elixir is lemon especially in the evening before I goto bed)!

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account?

SLICE – the pizza APP! I LOVE pizza and probably eat this 3x per week!

What should everyone try at least once?

ADOPTING a pup! YOGA & Meditation! This body - mind - soul practice might seem intimidating to some people, but honestly my experience has been there isn’t anything better and healthier in life then finding the time for this!

Where do you enjoy getting lost?

Central Park – every Saturday when the weather is good I practice Yoga in Central Park at 8 AM – nothing beats seeing happy my pup playing, hearing the birds and being among Nature in the greatest city in the world (to me😊)!

Women's Entrepreneurship Day Organization/#WomenWOW #ChooseWOMEN

Our mission is to Empower, Celebrate & Support Women in business worldwide to alleviate poverty!

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