Chizoba Anyaoha: Founder, TravSolo

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My Native Admission Statement: Chizoba Anyaoha is the Founder of TravSolo, providing travelers the tools to create their itinerary on-the-go, meet people and to bring back home a travel story to share with loved ones.

He has traveled to 25+ countries solo and loves the thrill of spontaneous traveling, breakdancing on every continent known to man and knows many forms of jet lag! Chizoba’s travel advice has been published on Insider Travel, Business Insider, Mic, Brit + Co, Hello Giggles, IVY Magazine, AirHelp, and many more. He is passionate about helping people to travel more - even alone, to live their best travel life, save in the process and to get them comfortable in sharing their most authentic stories in its truest form – whether it may seem good or bad.

Inspiration for the business idea, and your vision for the Business? 

It all started when friend and I initially planned a birthday trip to Australia. As much as I wanted us to go together, just got tired of postponing it to every other month. When he was finally ready we realized his passport expired. Say what now? It was at that very moment I realized I had to go alone, had a gut feeling there was something out here waiting for me. It was only after my trip I realized I’ve done traveled solo before, but I was so focused on traveling I did not hit me I was going alone in the past. My experience ignited a desire to help equip others with the confidence to venture out on their own. Now, I was social enough to chat with whoever was in front of me; not many people are comfortable being uncomfortable.

One critical discovery I made is that every solo traveler wants to bring back home a story to tell, but the underlying question was how to help them do that without the listener second-guessing details with no one else to corroborate it? There is deep-rooted loneliness with being the only person who can narrative a life-changing experience you had.

My hope is to seamlessly turn every solo traveler into a storyteller, by giving them the tools to create and turn their itinerary into an engaging travel story video to share or blog about it. We also emphasized safety for those fearful of the unknown. While nothing on earth can truly guarantee a complete safe trip, we help put travelers in positions to make the best safety measure decisions.

Ideal experience for a customer/client? 

I want whoever uses TravSolo to be equipped with the gift of living their lives to the fullest, even if you have to sometimes do it alone. Traveling alone does not mean you don’t have a family or friends to go with, it means you stopped waiting for others to travel and to live life at your own pace. There are so many places to explore and other people waiting to meet you but how would you know if you never take a leap of faith?

I want my user base to leave all of their worries at home - whether it comes to trip planning, meeting people, safety and articulating your travel story in a much easier way. We want you to get off of social media during your travels and focus on enjoying your vacation in the moment, without distractions. At the end of the day you’re still going to have a story to share, whether privately among loved ones or publicly on social media.

My Motto?

Never cheat your passions, by remembering your WHY.

My Favorite Places/Destinations? 

Trick question, so I’ll break it down into two categories:

Best Overall Travel Experience: Italy. It was everything for me – the food, people, culture, wine and the way of life. Growing up in New York City is pretty different, where you adapt to the hustle and bustle of the city while there I actually had time to smell the roses almost every day before going to class. While working abroad, we took three hour lunches every day and it blew me away; we talked about almost everything. In America, we tend to work to live while Italians mastered how to work AND to live a life.

Best Solo Travel Experience: Australia – where it started it all for me. Who every thought going 10,000 miles away was going to alter the course of my life forever in a big way? Certainly not me but I knew there was something out there waiting for me. People were so opened towards me, got blessed with free drinks every day, shared our life stories with one another and how far we have come, we challenged each other, met some crazy people I still call friends today, and unexpectedly fell in love with one of the most genuine person I know at that time.