Francesca Valarezo: Founder & creator of Spiritual Rebel Yoga

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Francesca Valarezo is a New York City based Yoga and Megaformer instructor as well as the founder and creator of Spiritual Rebel Yoga, a wellness lifestyle that develops and strengthens the creative expression that lies within us all. Francesca's ability to play at the intersection of yoga, fitness, style, and self-care creates the perfect environment for transformation and inspiration. Francesca is known for her enthusiastic energy and authentic commitment. Whether in a class setting or one on one, Francesca partners with each of her students to create an inspiring environment and one that assures that students reset their limits and exceed their personal expectations.

Nominated by Racked NY as the hottest trainer of 2015 she represented SLT. She is also an URBAN LEGEND for Tanya-B New York and an ambassador for the brand CARBON38.

What do you do best?

One of my best qualities is that I understand body movement at a spiritual level. The ability to move your body freely is to love and connect to deeper layers of your being - to your soul. Teaching Yoga is what I do best. Intelligent body movement is my art, I tend to be an emotional teacher because I convey a message that i'm passionate about. I also think I'm good at styling. A lot of times I nail it and many times I get it so wrong. I think it each time is an opportunity to play and express yourself just as you are, or what you are feeling.  

What makes you the best?

I don't usually tend to classify things in terms of good and bad, or best and worst. I don't even know what best is. I try to always remember that I am already the best because I contribute to positive change. My ability to know that everything consistently changes makes life my continuous work in progress. That usually helps me to stay present and less agitated about life. I want to be the best at empowering people in their bodies. I want people to be happier and less dark about life.  We need to invest more time into love and being more present in our bodies and less into making money. But it's hard so it's consistent work.

I'm the best at being a student, I believe in the power of self love and we can only learn it through experience. By staying aware and present to whatever comes your way.

Biggest success?

I have had a few that meant so much to me: To be able to teach at Pure Yoga. To be an SLT instructor, I literally chose the hardest core workout in New York City. To simply be able to teach with so many amazing people like my friend Chloe Kernaghan and Tanya Boulton, Kay K Clivio. My biggest success is to really see my dreams come to fruition and to be able to share them with others.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: An exciting life. Good. Bad. Happy and/or Sad. I want to continue to grow and excited to see what I transform into. I want to love someone amazing and to have him love me too.

Business: Im working on a few projects that I am excited about. I am developing a new method of working out and testing it on my body. I would like be able to have a t-shirt line that I am working on too. So a few small goals but very fun to work on. I want my Tulum Yoga Retreat to be one of the best retreats out there ( that's my ego speaking) so we will see who wants to join me and my best friend Kate on that!!

Most challenging moment?

When my brother passed away, I lived with unpleasant people, and then my pet passed too. I also invested a lot of time and love on the wrong guy. It was one of those things where I was never enough so remembering that "I am enough" is still a challenge. All while trying to inspire others to let go and to believe in themselves. I found it very challenging to move my body when I felt so defeated inside. The yoga is so powerful that it gave me the strength and the ability to practice what I preach and feel the effects of the work. It made me believe in myself even more.

Favorite Motto:

"It is safe to let go and allow"

Favorite People:

My mother Nelly Jaramillo. Ellen DeGenenres. Tara Brach( Buddhist and meditation teacher) & Lady GaGa

Favorite Places:

This small wine town Ribes in the South of France. Montañita a surf town in Ecuador, Maderas Village in Nicaragua aaaaaand Tulum in Mexico.

Favorite Products: 

Macca Powder, Thayers Rose Water, Coconut Oil, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt & Chocolate chips Tate's Cookies. ;)

Current Passions:

TO DANCE! hmmm also right now - I really enjoy styling my yoga photoshoots. I like to plan yoga sequences and thoughtful classes that are tailored to each person's needs  So if you are antsy, or feeling low energy, or having serious back pain I can create a yoga sequence that will make you feel so much better in 45 minutes. By the time you are in svasana ( final resting pose) you forget about all your problems.

I also love music - House music artists and good DJs and parties.