Jamie Lugo: Yoga Instructor

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Born and raised in California, Jamie became a full time New Yorker in 2006. After dancing her whole life and accumulating a variety of injuries, the transition to yoga seemed natural.  After her first teacher training, Jamie realized that she had only grazed the tip of the iceberg. Seeking to deepen her practice and knowledge, she went on to receive her advanced teaching certification from Yoga Shanti in Sag Harbor, NY.  She is now a lead mentor in that same program for the 5th consecutive year. It was at Yoga Shanti she became intrigued with the science of sequencing.  She calls Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee her “Yoga Parents” and is extremely grateful for their honest support and wisdom.

In addition to teaching private, public and corporate classes she is a guest teacher on Yoga for Bad People retreats. You can visit Jamie teaching in NYC at Yoga Shanti in Flatiron and Sky Ting Yoga in Chinatown. For a full schedule of classes go to www.jamielugo.com. Check out what she, her husband and her 3 chihuahuas are up to on instagram @jlomlove and twitter: @jlomlove

What do you do best?

I am not sure I do anything “the best” but I definitely always try my best. However, I think I am really great and staying true to myself and others. I am incapable of lying so I am extremely honest. In other words, I don’t “bullshit” anyone. I am good at being as truthful and authentic as possible even with myself. Sometimes my honesty can get me into trouble and it can be seen as a fault so that it something that I am conscious of and currently working on. A double edged sword if you will…

What makes you the best? 

The phrase “the best” implies that there is someone worse. I don’t like that. We all can be the best at anything if we have genuine interest and care. What makes me the best is that I am the only one of ME. You can say that about yourself as well. We are all kinda the “BEST” in some way...

I guess if I had to chose something that makes me great it would be that once I have an idea or I want something (for myself or others) I have the ability to make it happen. When I was little my dad used to say I had a one track mind- he wasn’t wrong. I have a strong ability to focus and that allows me to manifest things that matter to me most.

Biggest success?

Becoming a full time yoga instructor, self acceptance, self love.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: to travel and write a book

Business: to travel and write a book

Most challenging moment?

Realizing that moving to New York was not as glamorous as I had previously thought. Oops…

Favorite Motto:

“Don’t force”

Favorite People:

Pema Chödrön, my parents, Bill Murray, Albert Einstein, My husband Evan

Favorite Places:

Places I’ve been- Lake Tahoe, Belize, Amsterdam, Muir Woods, Ca.

Places I think would be my favorite if I went - Alaska, Switzerland, the Moon

Favorite Products:

Hyde Yoga clothing, tanya-b yoga clothing, Welleda “Skin Food”, Pratima Purifying Essential Oil, Evian Water, Clairsonic facial brush, Sonicare toothbrush, Sachajuan Sea Salt hair spray

Current Passions:

Being a student (of yoga, life, etc.) vintage/recycled clothing, helping animals, and interior decorating.