Lindsey Levine General Manager at Casa Nonna,

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Lindsey Levine started her fine dining career as Beverage Manager of Wildwood BBQ in 2009, managing the restaurant’s beverage program and front-of-house team.  In 2010, Lindsey continued with B.R. Guest Hospitality joining Dos Caminos Third Avenue as Assistant General Manager followed by Dos Caminos Park Avenue as General Manager in 2012.

In 2013, Levine joined ESquared Hospitality as General Manager of Casa Nonna in New York City.  Lindsey manages the day-to-day operations of one of ESquared’s most successful restaurants, keeping a close and active hand in everything from service and the curated beverage program, to ensure each customer has a great experience.

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What do you do best?

Managing employees and guests’ expectations is top priority for me. Everyone has a different idea about what their experience is going to be and what they want out of a dining adventure. Your job is to figure out what that is, tap into it, and drive your employees to deliver in the most hospitable way possible.

What makes you the best?

As a Manager, I truly believe in being hands-on and involved during service. Without your staff seeing that you are capable of doing everything they do, and more, they will not trust you. I believe that the guests take notice of this as well and feel more welcomed when you pass by and greet them. When your staff trusts you, believes in you, would march to the end of a battle with you, you can then mold them into hospitality professionals that truly understand the business and the guest’s expectations.

How will you stay the best?

Continue to surround yourself with people who are pushing the industry forward with new ideas - never settling for just mediocre.

Biggest success?

Running the beverage program for a 65 million dollar brand - Dos Caminos, prior to joining ESquared.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: to have a family and raise them in the restaurant I hope to someday open in Brooklyn.

Business: to have 3 successful restaurants in Brooklyn.

Most challenging moment?

Dealing with difficult guests who don’t really want your help. Every time is challenging and to get better at it, you have to remain in the moment - listen and really focus on what the guest’s concern is.  There is no way to study service – no textbook etc like there is with wine or a region of food – it gets better with experience.

What fascinates you?

The ever-changing cocktail scene. I love watching the performance of cocktail makers around the city. I am mesmerized by the subtle flair of some of the best out there.

Favorite Motto:

If you have time to lean, you have time to clean. (I don’t like leaners) I also like: teamwork makes the dream work. Both are cheesy - but true.

Favorite People:

My mentors through the industry: Cara Gambardella, Michael Davis, Wendy Shlazer

Favorite Places:

NoMad, The Up and Up, Ai Fiori, Montmartre

Favorite Products:

Uncouth Vermouth, anything cool from cocktail kingdom – like new large Yari’s

Current Passions:

Large Format Produtorri Barbaresco. Just sold one.