Bassim Ouachani: GM of Westhouse Hotel

My NativeAdVantage:


General Manager of WestHouse Hotel New York. Responsible for maintaining visibility with guests at all times, and for running a hotel that offers 172 guest rooms and suites, 2 conference rooms, 1terrace lounge, a lobby bar.

What do you do best?

I’m very diplomatic, and as an hotelier you must have the ability handle people according to their character. I adopt and protect the integrity of any hotel I lead.

What makes you the best?

Not necessary the best, but I have VALUES. What I bring to everything I do.

Biggest success?

My investment in my career. My achievements in hotel operations.

What are your aspirations?


Travel more often, stay healthy and write a story one day.


To reach higher leadership positions in my career.

To develop young hoteliers to becoming senior managers.

To develop hotels and make them successful.

Most challenging moment?

Re-opening a property, until it starts running itself.

Favorite Motto: 

“Help others when you’re able. Your turn shall arise one day“

Favorite People:

My beloved parents, my wife, and King Hassan the 2nd,

Favorite Places:

Morocco, Dubai, and Italy

Favorite Products:

Apple Products

Current Passions:

All that has to do with hospitality, culture, design, courses and books. Fashion is another passion I enjoy.