Jared Brown: Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, The Haber Team at Douglas Elliman

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Jared has always tried to explain his unparalleled passion for real estate this way: "I look at properties like an art dealer looks at art. Every property is unique in its own way, from the floor plan to the construction. I appreciate each home I see, and try to envision one of my clients living in it."

Jared grew up in Los Angeles, obsessed with real estate as he still is. Other young kids collected comic books; he collected real estate literature. Jared studied real estate throughout college then acquired years of property management and real estate sales consulting experience before joining Douglas Elliman. Throughout his career, he has always helped educate buyers and sellers on the current market, and on making the right decisions.

Jared offers 100 percent dedication and 24/7 service. Aside from being successful at Douglas Elliman, one of his major goals in life, and something he is beginning to plan now, is opening a Sailing Day camp for kids with cancer on Long Island, in memory of his mother who loved to sail. He currently lives in Midtown West and specializes in sales throughout Manhattan, particularly his own neighborhood all the way downtown to TriBeCa.

(52 East End Avenue, 15t Floor)

What do you do best?

I’m very resourceful. I think resourcefulness is extremely important in any field but especially real estate. So when I have I have a project or a task, I utilize resources in ways other people don’t think of. I hear a lot of “oh.. I would have never thought to do that.” I’m also exceptionally good at finding people. If my team leader wants to get in contact with a particularly private individual, I’ll find them and get them on the phone. 

What makes you the best?

I think my organic passion for real estate makes me unique. When I was just barely old enough to use a computer, I would contact agents and developers and request information on properties. I would order them to “Dr.” Jared Brown because I thought I’d have a better chance of receiving some sort of literature as a doctor. And I did… I sure did. My mom became increasingly puzzled as to why her 8 year old son was getting packages in the mail addressed to Dr. Jared Brown. And these were expensive marketing materials. I would take the city bus to real estate developments and walk through shells and sneak into the back yard of model homes and explore the communities. Real Estate was something I was born to do. Because of that natural enthusiasm and interest in what I do, I’m able to convey that to my clients which is extremely important.

You can always tell when you’re working with those who are genuinely passionate about what they do and those that are, just doing it.

Biggest success?

It’s hard to say. I tend to not celebrate my success or pat myself on the back to much. I’m afraid that if I get to proud of what I’ve accomplished, I’ll slack on the initiative to keep improving. Whether or not that’s true, I don’t know. I rather not risk it and am happy with the way I am constantly challenging myself.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: I lost my mom 4 years ago and she had a passion for sailing. One of my goals or dreams is to open up a sailing camp for kids with cancer somewhere on the Long Island Sound in memory of her.

Business: In addition to help my team be even more successful than it already is I want to be able to help motivate those individuals that want to get in the industry but feel like they cant. I see a lot of people hesitant to pursue real estate because they feel they don’t have the right resources (there’s that word again). But they feel that you need to come from a family affiliated with real estate (brokers, developers, etc.) or have a certain amount of connections. I didn’t have any of that when I started and I’d like to set an example that will hopefully motivate people who have a passion for the industry that don’t feel they have certain prerequisites.

Most challenging moment?

When you have a buyer that has developed some emotion into a property and they are outbid.

Favorite Motto:

"Sometimes you don’t get the things you want but you get the things you need."

Favorite People:

Steve Jobs, my partner, and my team.

Favorite Places:

Lower East Side. It has to most amazing, original, shops and restaurants.  

Favorite Products:

Any coffee machine

Current Passions:

Real Estate, meditation, and politics