Gabriel Heymann: Founder of Smart Beer

My NativeAdvantage:

Smart Beer founder Gabriel Heymann splits his time between the Hudson Valley and Brooklyn, NY. He realized he needed a beer that he could enjoy without feeling like he compromised his health-conscious and active lifestyle. He thirsted for a beer that was made from sustainable ingredients and a brand that supported his social and environment values. This thirst gave way to the concept of Smart Beer. In addition to founding Smart Beer, Gabriel sits on the board of directors of the Rockland Farm Alliance, and has an extensive professional background in fitness/well-being and music. He’s also a practicing, certified yoga teacher who seeks to help people feel good and enjoy life.

What do you do best?

Think. Create. Dream. Focus. Hustle.

What makes you the best?

I don't know if I would call myself the best. But I work hard. I like creating new things. I'm interested in how the world works and flows. I like working with people to achieve more than we could on our own. I like to learn. And I love what I do. I am passionate and determined. And I believe anything is possible, especially when we work together.

What are your aspirations?

I aspire to make a difference. I aspire to live passionately. To create. And to help others live their passion. And I aspire to live a full, healthy, balanced and exciting life. That is what I am creating.

Biggest Success?

Never giving up. Always getting back up. Recognizing great mentors when they crossed my path. And surrounding myself with amazing and supportive people who believe anything is possible. Being open.

Most Challenging Moment?

There have been many. Most of them revolve around being told "no". But those moments fuel you, if you don't let them break you. They make you a better person. I am inspired daily by the challenging moments I have endured.

Favorite Motto?

I have many. "Step by step." and "Live lightly." and "Love all serve all."  ... are a few that come to mind at this moment.

Favorite People?

My teachers and my family.  Some amazing people I am fortunate to know.

Favorite Places?

I could answer this many ways. My room. Yoga studios. NYC. Brooklyn. Hudson Valley. Boulder CO. Venice Beach. Nature. The view from the top of a mountain. Organic Farms. Vegetarian restaurants. The open road.

Favorite Products?

Apple, macbook air. iPhone. Doc Martens. Yoga mat. Some of the things I have with me all the time.

Current Passions?

Yoga and Business. And of course Smart Beer! I'm passionate about creating an organic lifestyle beer brand that fits into people's lives and brings people together in celebration.