Craig Sroda: Co-Founder of Pinnacle of Indiana & author of “Intentional Living and Leadership.”

My NativeAdVantage:

Craig Sroda cofounded Pinnacle of Indiana and led the company to health and wealth as its CEO for 18 years. He now serves as its Chief Information and Strategy Officer. Sroda lives in Mishawaka, Indiana, and is a member of Granger Community Church. His commitment to personal growth is evident in his faith, family, health and writing. He is the author of “Intentional Living and Leadership.”

What do you do best?

I love helping people find their sweet spot – where their natural strengths and passion intersect.

What makes you the best?

I believe I understand how to assist people work with their natural strengths, help them understand their why, and work toward what they want to accomplish in life.

Biggest success?

Marrying my wife of 23 years and watching my 3 daughters turn into ladies.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: I would love to help 10,000 people complete life plans so they can live on purpose.

Business: I want to build another consulting firm that works on life balance and team building based on strengths.

Most challenging moment?

Coming to an understanding to sell my business (Pinnacle of Indiana) to ensure my relationship with my wife and family went to the next level of success and happiness.

Favorite Motto:

You don’t plan to fail, you fail to plan.

Favorite People:

Dave Ramsey, Michael Hyatt, Andy Stanley, Tony Robbins and Jim Collins

Favorite Places:

Maui, HI and The Keys, FL

Favorite Products:

iPad mini, Evernote, Beachbody workouts

Current Passions:

Working out with weights

Beachbody workouts with my wife in the early morning


Facilitating whiteboard sessions to align business strategy with a technology strategy

Building people by helping them understand their strengths and their “why”