Paige Burkes: Mindful CFO & Founder of Simple Mindfulness


Paige Burkes started her career with a Big Four accounting firm in Boston.  While on the fast track to partner, she realized that something was missing from her life.  After seven years at the firm, she took a two year sabbatical not knowing where her path might lead her. During her sabbatical, she went to outfitting school in the woods outside of Jackson Hole, WY, managed a dude ranch in Colorado and a horse ranch in California.  She also volunteered at a wildlife refuge and with organizations that recruit horses to help people with physical and emotional disabilities.  Along the way she found herself and her husband.

Longing to maintain the mountain lifestyle yet knowing that she had much to give from her business knowledge, Paige and her husband bought their dream home in the mountains of Colorado where they still reside.  Over the ensuing years, Paige has worked with a variety of companies as their strategic and operational Chief Financial Officer.  She has worked with start up’s in high tech, food and beverage and healthcare; public and private mid-sized companies in healthcare technology, staffing and event planning and a mid-sized non-profit healthcare organization.  She has participated in turnarounds and sales of companies and the creation and execution of significant growth strategies.

One of her passions is mindfulness which she’s been writing about on her blog at Simple Mindfulness ( for the past few years.  While her blog focuses on using mindfulness to create a happier life for all, her work in the corporate world incorporates mindfulness to help entrepreneurs and business leaders grow and develop companies that support the people and values behind them.

Paige lives in the mountains outside of Colorado Springs, CO with her husband, three amazing kids and their big cats at their mountain lion sanctuary.

What’s Your NativeAdVantage:

What do you do best?

Quickly synthesize all the detailed aspects of an issue to create “the big picture,” find solutions that get to the core of the issue and implement them.

What makes you the best?

Looking at issues both from a high level and in detail to quickly zero in on solutions and implement them while understanding that all issues boil down to people issues.  Working effectively with a broad range of people, anything is possible.

What are your aspirations?

To impact the lives of thousands of people by opening their minds to what’s possible for them, allowing them to find their unique gifts and share them with the world.


Motto:  "Just do it."


My Husband

My Kids

Tao Porchon-Lynch

James Altucher

Tony Robbins


The mountains of Colorado where I live

The rainforests and villages of Costa Rica



Anything locally produced with love



Helping people make breakthroughs in their lives


Time with my family

Being in the outdoors