Crystal O'Connor: Founder and CEO of Moxie Entrepreneur


Crystal O'Connor, CEO of the education based and marketing media company Moxie Entrepreneur, international speaker, and now, the celeb-adored author responsible for millions in client sales over the past twenty years.

Already, her fresh business insights have helped thousands of companies, big and small, to find financial success and balance, and she’s not slowing down anytime soon.  In 2015, Crystal launched “Unleash Your Moxie: A Girls Guide to Becoming Fiercely Bold, Incredibly Happy, & Practically Superhuman.”  The motivational read quickly generated buzz, where advocates like ABC’s Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran declared it “the ultimate ‘how to’ book for female entrepreneurs.”  Drawing upon her own journey as a homeless teenager turned successful entrepreneur, Crystal’s book is inspiring and transforming the lives of high-profile business owners and fledgling entrepreneurs alike.

Over the past twenty years, Crystal has developed razor-sharp systems to help her clients obtain financial independence and balance.  Whether working with small business owners or established entrepreneurs, Crystal’s fresh sales strategies and immense marketing knowledge consistently result in more customers, more revenue, and work to generate multiple income streams. Her clientele ranges from personal trainers to caterers, from event planners to midwives, and everything in-between. 

There is absolutely no field she can’t tackle. Crystal’s modern approach to “business coaching” leverages the mastery of product development, strategic planning, email marketing, and goal setting, so entrepreneurs may obtain the financial independence and freedom that led them to pursue an entrepreneurial life path to begin with. “Entrepreneurial overwhelm” sets in when owners get caught working for their business when rather, it is their business that should be working for them. Via her proprietary programs, such as The Moxie Money Making Blueprint System and Rapid Cash Infusions, and of course her book, “Unleash Your Moxie,” Crystal has been able to continuously guide clients towards financial success, life balance, and control. Her extensive experience and track record give her an advantage over any other program.

What's your Native AdVantage:

What do you do best?

I get started when others are still thinking about the HOW or over-analyzing details.   I know the resistance that comes when starting something new naturally diminishes when the ball gets rolling. Whether it's writing, putting up a website or bringing an idea to fruition I'm best at ignoring the enormity of the project and whittling it down to actionable steps fully aware of how answers appear during the process of starting.   

What makes you the best?

I'm not afraid to look at the bigger picture and I'm not afraid of taking risks while using my intuition to guide my decisions while getting there.

What are your aspirations?

To dramatically increase the income and potential of thousands of Women dreaming of being successful Entrepreneurs/ business owners but lack the confidence and awareness to make it happen.  To guide them on the journey of leaving a legacy of success.  Strategically creating more opportunities for them and their families. To teach them the technical, marketing,  and mindset skillsets to make huge leaps in their business and income.



Do what the majority isn't doing. Instead of focusing all your energy getting  job, saving for years and doing with less than until retirement....  teach yourself how to expand, grow and elevate your life and income.  It's a skill you can't unlearn.


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