James Shimell: Founder and CEO of Shutta


James is the founder and CEO of Shutta – a photo from video app that makes sure you never miss a moment again. Shutta aims to revolutionise how we take photographs by showing that images from video more truthfully reflect how dynamic our lives really are. Whether it is sporting action shots or the antics of pets and children, Shutta turns everyone into an action-photographer.
James grew up in London, has since lived all over the world and is now based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He is a self-taught software engineer who has worked in web application development for 8 years. In addition to heading up Shutta, James is currently also the managing director of Codeforce Vina, a Vietnamese software house.

What’s Your NativeAdVantage:

What do you do best?

Creating innovative and highly intuitive software solutions with a strong emphasis on design.

What makes you the best?

Always develop with the end-user in mind. A thorough understanding of both the end-to-end product requirements on the one hand and the ultimate user- experience on the other, gives me the ability to develop beautiful looking solutions that are performance efficient and incredibly user friendly.

What are your aspirations?

To live and work in as many places as I can; to experience, first-hand, the ideas and concepts of as many cultures as I can fit into my life. I don't believe in borders, we are all citizens of the same world and I have gained so much from the perspectives of different cultures. I have only one life, one game, and I want to fill it with as many of these learning curves as possible.


Breakfast: early mornings by the waterfront, indulging in great food and company.


You only have one game, play it well.


I love to be inspired by people's views and opinions – everybody has a story to tell.


Anywhere with a good climate and good food, my top 5 so far is:

Hakone - Japan,

Amsterdam – The Netherlands,

Hong Kong Island,

Hue - Vietnam,

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


Sector 9 slalom board, I love taking trips on my long board. Too old to trick skate, it hurts so much more than when I was a teenager.






New tech

Web:     shutta.co

App Store:     https://appsto.re/es/4WvLU.i