Joe Lupo: Co-Founder & Creative Director Visual Therapy

Joe Lupo unofficially began his career in fashion working in a high-end department store while still in high school. Moving to Chicago to study finance at DePaul University, he began working at a bank where he quickly advanced, becoming vice president at the precocious age of 25. Unable to contain his love for fashion and style, he would spend his Saturdays on Oak St, renowned for its luxury boutiques, spending countless hours discussing style at Ultimo with friend Jesse Garza. Leaving the world of banking in 1995 to start Visual Therapy with Garza in New York, Lupo was able to realize a long-held dream of making a business out of his passion for fashion.  

With a natural eye for style, and an expert in color, he decided to further develop his passion branching into interiors.  In 2012, he began studying interior design at The New School at Parsons School of Design in New York, launching VT Home in 2014.  In addition to interior design and styling some of the most influential leaders in America, Lupo and Garza travel the globe speaking to groups of women on their philosophies and the significance of the power of style.

What do you do best?

The thing I do best is work with individuals and brands to identify their style, and then help them to articulate their image in a concise but powerful way through fashion and/or surroundings.

What makes you the best?

What makes me the best is my belief that "it can be done".

How will you become the best?

I will become the best through consistence, persistence, intention and most important faith.

What are your aspirations?

Personally I aspire to live a life filled with Love (friends, a spouse and child), Light (being peaceful and open inspiring others to live life to the fullest), and Joy (laughter and happiness).

In business I aspire to continue to build on the brand we created that helps others to be the best version of themselves in all areas of style.

Motto: What do you want to live by?

Your life is your message to the world - be sure it's inspiring.

People: Who do you want to meet?

I would love to meet Dolly Parton - I love that she created herself and exudes such authentic goodness.  (A national treasure)

Places: Where do you want to go?

I have been around the world but have never gone on safari in Africa. Definitely next on my list.

Products: What do you want to have?

I want to have excellent health and inner peace always.  Without these, life is very difficult.

Passions: What hobbies/interests do you want to learn/excel at?

I would love to learn to play guitar.  I recently lost my father who played very well and I think he may have passed it on to me.