Jeremy Gardner: Director of Operations at Augur


Jeremy attended both Bard College and the University of Michigan, where he developed a multidisciplinary study in political strategy. While at Michigan, he founded the College Cryptocurrency Network, an international educational nonprofit, and began to work with several blockchain-related startups. He served as organization’s first executive director, and remains chairman of the board of directors. Before entering his senior year, he left school to found  Augur, the world's first peer-to-peer prediction market platform, where he oversees business and operations. Gardner also serves on the advisory board of several companies, and has small portfolio of angel investments in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he is located in his “Crypto Castle.”

What’s Your NativeAdVantage:

What do you do best?

Talk. While not given to following through on tiny details and recurring tasks, I live for deep intellectual engagement and the development of powerful ideas and endeavors. The term “superconnector” has been used to describe what I do in the past, as I frequently bring different individuals together to make good ideas a reality.

What makes you the best?

In developing my study of “political strategy” in college, I created a course of study that drew its inspiration from Sun Tzu’s ancient military treatise, Art of War. Microeconomics, primarily game theory, social psychology, political studies, and military strategy were the cornerstones of the academic pursuit. For a brief stint, I was even one of the first non-cadets to ever study at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. The point is that I have taught myself to think tactically, no matter what the situation, and this serves me in a multiplicity of ways that extend far beyond academia.

What are your aspirations?

Right now, it’s hard to look beyond what I’m doing in the present. But I definitely want to emulate Bill Gates’ second life as a full-time philanthropist. Giving back is perhaps the most important value I hold, and I want to be able to dedicate a significant chunk of my life to improving this planet.



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