Leanne Shear: Co-Founder, President & Head Trainer of Uplift Studios


Founder of Uplift Studios. Always an athlete, Leanne played competitive basketball through high school and ran Division I Varsity Cross Country and Track in college. Once she moved to NYC, along with weight training, biking, circuits, yoga and swimming, she became a part of New York Road Runners and started racing and eventually running marathons, with a PR of 3:29. Her love of athletics and fitness was the seed for the founding of Uplift, a women-only fitness studio that combines group classes and personal training with events, workshops and retreats, all of which are the underpinnings for the strong community aspect Uplift fosters, and how it helps empower women in all aspects of their lives. In her spare time, Leanne blogs at TheFearofFailing.tumblr.com.

What’s Your NativeAdVantage:

What do you do best?

Work with people, especially women, using fitness as a means to help them in any and all other aspects of their lives.

What makes you the best?

I can see most situations involving people with almost X-Ray vision. It's probably because I'm very intuitive, but I usually know how to perceive what any client or friend or random person is going through or needs and respond accordingly. I think this boils down to being a really good listener, because whether they say it in words or not, everyone projects what she is thinking or needs at any given time. I've built a business on picking up on that and as a result, Uplift embodies a place where empathy and a fun, welcoming atmosphere is combined with strength and empowerment.

What are your aspirations?

To continue to grow Uplift as a lifestyle brand. There are thousands of fitness studios and places to work out in the world at large. Where Uplift is different is that while we offer really intense strength workouts, and people certainly do walk in the doors for our fitness component, they stay because of all of the other things we offer: author readings, nutrition and meditation workshops, career, finance, wine education and dating seminars and day trips and retreats. Fitness is the means to an amazing end(s) for us, which is the perfect combination of all the things I love in life.



Positive people. I don't mean the people who are in la-la land and totally unrealistic, but people who generally see the brighter side of life. It's amazing how many people walk around with a frown on their faces and default to negativity as soon as they open their mouths. Negativity is a poison I am always trying to find an antidote for.


Buffalo, NY, which is where I  was born and raised and still proudly call "home"

New York City, which has been my home for the last fifteen years and where I feel most at home

Paris, where I felt so at home that I moved there for five months to live by myself and write a book even through prior to going I didn't speak a word of French!


I am not a shopper or products person, but I love experiences so--an amazing meal, a great bottle (or two!) of wine, and workout gear, especially Lole, Lululemon and Athleta, since I wear it every day of my life!


Spending as much time as possible with my amazing friends and family; reading; writing; running; learning