Tom Dolan: Founder & CEO of RovAir

Tom Dolan is the CEO & Founder of RovAir, a collaborative company that allows unrelated users to share mobile broadband data. Few individuals understand how mobile data is calculated and even fewer know how it is used. RovAir acts as a “host” to individuals that need mobile broadband for very short periodic times throughout the month or year and then only charges them by the day not the gigabyte. The wireless industry is one of the few remaining industries to be disrupted; allowing users to share mobile broadband data under a peer to peer model is a uniquely new concept

Tom is also a managing partner for the well-recognized hotel consultancy, HVS. The concept of “expiring inventory” in the hotel industry is not dissimilar to the way mobile data expires each month. A vacant guestroom can never being recaptured, but if you are able to sell that room at last minute through the use of technology, the inventory is more likely not to expire. This is the concept that RovAir  is applying to the wireless industry.  

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What do you do best?

Honestly, I personally do nothing the best, but what allows me to have success is having a strong network of family, friends, and colleagues. These are the individuals that provide positive influence to become more intimate with my community, and want to give back more than I take.

What makes you the best?

As a founder of a start up, it’s hard for me to say we’re are the best at anything as we broke a lot of eggs to get where we are. I would more closely identify with taking the long road to a short destination, but arriving at a much better place. With this being said, we’ve discovered that we are only at the beginning of a more profound journey with greater destination.

What are your aspirations?

Creating the opportunity to deliver broadband a  community of users that cannot afford to pay for. The long road has provided the vision and a solution, that no other have been able to achieve.



If you do what you have always done, you get what you have always gotten!


Mother Theresa 

Anyone that delivers a strong positive message and gives more than they take

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