Vincent Bradley: CEO & Co-Founder of Flashfunders


Vincent is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse background in business and product development. He is currently the CEO & Co-Founder of FlashFunders, an online equity funding platform that is automating corporate securities law for early stage startups raising capital. Previously Vincent co-founded Ridotto, a virtual currency sports betting app. Vincent also spent time working with Osprey Global Solutions (OGS), a frontier market consulting firm. While at Osprey, he focused on international growth efforts for OGS throughout the Middle East, Europe and North Africa. Prior to Osprey, Vincent worked for FindTheBest, where he helped to build out their business development team.

Vincent holds a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Michigan and holds Series 7 and Series 63 securities licenses.

What’s Your NativeAdVantage:

What do you do best?

Persistence. I’m a creative problem solver that will not take no for an answer – I believe my team and I can accomplish anything. We don’t limit ourselves with cultural constructions.

What makes you the best?

There’s a lot of really talented people and companies out there but I have an obsession to be the best. If I see another company doing something better than us – I can’t sleep until I know we’re better. I love to learn, compete and most importantly improve every day.

What are your aspirations?

To provide products, solutions, and ideas that improves the world. Hopefully in the not to near future those products and solutions will extend beyond the earth we currently reside on. Interplanetary travel is a must if humans are going to continue to procreate and ward off extinction. I’m a huge space buff and massive fan of Elon Musk – I’d like to help with the revolution Elon has started…


When you’re working on a new product or idea and the people around you are just as passionate and focused as you are. It’s incredibly exciting to work with smart and passionate people!


If you’re going to do something than it’s worth overdoing.


Passionate people that take pride in everything they do. I hate mediocracy…


NYC is my favorite place in the world to be. The energy of the city is infectious – millions of people competing to improve their lives – entrepreneurs hustling everywhere – can’t beat it!


Simple and Minimal – less is always more:
•    Yahoo News Digest
•    iPhone 6
•    MacBook Air
•    Uber
•    Instagram
•    Apple Pay


Learning. At any given time I’m usually reading 2-3 books and have been known to spend hours digging into everything from Florentine renaissance art to theoretical physics. Knowledge is now accessible to almost every person on the planet via the mobile revolution – very exciting times!