Shane Leonard: CEO & Co-Founder of Stockflare

My NativeAdVantage:


Shane Leonard, CFA: CEO and co-founder of Stockflare. I'm a financial markets junkie at heart and I've worked on the stock market since 1996. In that short time, I've lived 3 booms and busts: the Asian Crisis; the DotCom Bubble, and; the Great Recession. The psychology of investing is just as fascinating as the process of finding great companies to invest in.

What’s Your NativeAdVantage:

What do you do best?

Today, I'm focused on helping investors of any age and experience avoid the common pitfalls. Our business, Stockflare does a great job of this. We take complex financial data and make it accessible to anyone. No one else on the planet has succeeded in this.

What makes you the best?

I know the success of Stockflare is driven by a team effort, with a really diverse background. We are constantly surprising each other with the way we approach problems and how we work towards fixing them. If we just followed the leaders in finance, we'd be doomed to the same mistakes.

How will you become the best?

Can't do it on our own. Can't succeed if we stop learning and listening. We want to turn finance upside-down, or to be exact, turn it the right way round. Put people back in control of their own money. To succeed, we have to keep learning from our users, and rapidly adapting. But above all, we know we'll succeed if we are patient. Taking a long-term view is probably the single most important thing in investing.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: Health and happiness for everyone I know. Maybe a little sunshine too. I'm from Ireland after all, where the weather is variable, to put it kindly.

Business: Being a force of good in finance. Being a force of change in finance. Ultimately, knowing that every person that uses Stockflare is improving their financial destiny.

What fascinates you? Favorite:

Greed. Both by professionals and the rest of us. It's fascinating seeing how the financial professionals lose sight of what's right. It's equally fascinating watching the madness of crowds when it comes to financial bubbles.


Buffett said, there are two rules to investing: "One, never lose money. Two, never forget rule number 1". Pretty simple, eh?


Both Gandhi and Bill Gates come to mind. Gandhi for his ethos and long-term perspective. Gates for what he's done with his wealth. I expect they will end up being two of the most positive forces our world has seen over the last 100 years.


Frustrating at times, fiery locals, the simplest food, beautiful countryside and centuries of culture, it's hard to beat Italy as the best place on earth. Though I could never live there, for fear of overload.


Anything that easy to use. I turned 40 recently. I started to fear by growing impatience with bad service and products was an age thing. But turns out that the Millennial generation are even more intolerant than me or old age pensioners.


Taking the opposite view. Not for the sake of argument alone! But to see if the mainstream view has any faults. Challenging the norm, especially if it can be done with humor, is rewarding and usually a hell of a lot of fun.