David Ackerman: Founder & CEO of Tobacco Motorwear Company

My NativeAdVantage:


David Ackerman is the Founder and CEO of Tobacco Motorwear Company. The company recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign in which they raised over $120,000, making it among the most successful fashion Kickstarters and placed it in the top 1% of Kickstarters ever launched.
Also is a writer and director, he is known for creating web videos for brands that get millions of views. His latest project for Pizza Hut has been shared over 60K times and has over 3 Million views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fmQs37YqXg

What’s Your NativeAdVantage:

What do you do best?

I am good at creating content that connects with the audience. Before I started Tobacco I made branded Youtube videos. When I started this company I decided we wanted to be more than an motorcycle apparel company but also a media company. We are still working on that but we always have something cooking in the video department that will help us connect to riders and not just try to sell pants 24/7.

What makes you the best?

I digested media as a kid. I would get so engrossed in movies or TV shows that you had to shake me to get my attention. I still do that and it drives my wife crazy. I think I really see the story in things and I believe story is important. If you can tell a good story you can create awesome content with a cell phone camera.

How will you become the best?

I’ll answer this in generalities. Take risks. Be honest with yourself. Find people you believe in and trust and surround yourself with those people. Don’t be afraid of not being the best because you will never be the best at everything.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: I just want to be a nice person. I hope I’m successful in business but I don’t want to become someone I wouldn’t have liked when I was a kid. Its hard to always be generous and kind and not talk bad behind peoples backs, and really listen to others. Something in our nature makes us want to be selfish. I just want to avoid those things.

Business: I have so many ideas and I’ve read, or heard a lot that you should pick one thing and be the best and just do that one thing but I’m not like that. I love the idea of the renaissance man, the artist/scientist/merchant etc. I would love to be able to employ more people and get to a point where I can help fix big problems we face in society. That may sound corny but if you have a mind that sees problems, whether in business or out in the world, you can’t help to think of solutions. Even if they wouldn’t work you feel like you should try. So I would like to keep solving problems.

What fascinates you?

Whales and entrepreneurship. I love whales lately. A couple years ago I got to swim with whale sharks and it was amazing. I’ve watched every documentary about whales I can find. Just amazing animals.

I also love seeing what businesses and new inventions are happening. I would say there are more people working as “inventor” than ever in the history of the world. Smart people doing incredible things and I love to watch.



Be Responsibly Reckless.


I work with the smartest people on the planet! Andrew Hancock, Neal Schmidt and my family. I’m sure I should be looking outward more but I’ll stick to them for now.


Baja Mexico is my sanctuary. I also have a desire to explore the Arctic or Antarctica and any high mountain.


I love clothes and camping gear. Obviously jeans, but leather jackets and wool shirts. I have I think 7 or 8 leather jackets and a bunch of wool shirts. It sucks because they look great but are too hot for LA.


I am a passionate explorer. Like Dora. I love learning and risking and doing things that scare me a little. I think that helped me start Tobacco but it has also pushed me to try all sorts of new adventures in everyday life as well as in the world.