Alain Martin: Filmmaker

My NativeAdVantage:


Born in Haiti. Raised in Jacmel, a town in the south of Haiti, famous for tourism, arts and its colorful carnival. Got stuck in the U.S. at 13 years of age while vacationing because Bill Clinton placed an embargo against Haiti's military junta for their overthrow of democratically elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Hence New York became my permanent home. I Then moved to Jersey where I studied communications and filmmaking at William Paterson University. Had a few failures: directed two short films, the Parting and the Winter Ring and neither panned out how I planned. Attempts to jumpstart two feature films proved disastrous. But the lesson was not lost. Film school itself happens on set, not in the classroom. So now I'm in the post-production phase of my first feature, a documentary about the first United States Occupation of Haiti, The Forgotten Occupation.

What’s Your NativeAdVantage:

What do you do best?

Connecting with human beings, sometimes just utter strangers, is something I’m quite good at. I can’t even begin to tell you the sheer amount of people that have opened up to me while knowing very little about me.

What makes you the best?

Well, I don’t believe anyone is the best at anything. We are all wired with the same capacity to do great things or despicable things. But for me, I’ve always viewed myself as a work in progress, one being molded by daily doubts, a constant questioning of reality, experimenting and going outside my comfort zone. I know full well that the who that I am now is a social construct, a product of the many institutions that precede me by centuries, of the histories of my forefathers and foremothers. It is my job to daily shed that identity and become completely free.

How will you become the best?

As of now, my focus is writing and filmmaking. I can only become ‘best’ at that through sheer practice. And then of course, reading and watching films. I have a select set of books and films that were carefully chosen for studying purposes.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: I really want to put Haitian cinema on the world stage. Alas, we have so many stories to tap into, to share with the world and I can’t understand why we haven’t so far.

Business: I want my production company, Films for Margaret, still in its nascent stage, to produce quality cinema for Haiti.

What fascinates you?

Believe it or not, I’m completely fascinated by planes! I can’t for the life of me figure how is it something so massive can roam the skies no matter how much I read up on it or have my nerdy friends explain it. Each time I see a plane fly, I can’t keep my eyes of it.



People come and go.


My family and my close circle of friends.


Jacmel, New York, and of course Paris.


Books and movies.


Travelling, cinema, literature, politics.