Carly Segal: Interim CEO of CureWear

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CureWear was created and founded by Alex Niles while he was going through chemotherapy treatment for Stage IV Gastric Cancer. As a patient, Alex saw a way to make chemo treatments a little bit more comfortable. He hated having to remove his shirt to give nurses access to his medical port, so he cut a hole in his favorite athletic shirt and from there, CureWear was born. Throughout his cancer battle, Alex always felt the support of his friends and family. He wanted to make sure CureWear wasn’t just for patients, and made a line of apparel for their supporters, as well.

When Alex passed away in April 2015, one of his #1 supporters took over CureWear, his girlfriend, Carly Segal. Carly had been a part of CureWear all along, helping with design decisions, social media strategy, and the Kickstarter campaign launch, so she was more than familiar with the brand. While the primary driver for stepping in to the Interim CEO position was to carry out Alex’s dream and keep his legacy alive, Carly understands the importance of a product like CureWear in being able to completely transform the patient experience. Being by Alex’s side as he received treatments showed Carly just how much more comfortable and dignified the treatment experience can be for a patient when they don’t have to remove their clothing. In addition to 7+ years as a producer for one of the top national news networks and 3 years on the Steering Committee for UNICEF’s Next Generation, she brings her passion for health and wellness to her role at CureWear.

What’s Your NativeAdVantage:

What do you do best?

I’m a born storyteller and CureWear is all about the people who wear it: patients and the caregivers, family, friends, and others we call “supporters.” Sharing those individual’s stories as a means of motivating others to join our CureWear movement is what I do best. 

How will you become the best?

Heart. Every single person who is a part of the CureWear team is a part of this team because they love and believe in Alex, our founder, and his mission. I truly believe when you do something genuinely, passionately, and with heart, that’s how you become the best.

What are your aspirations?

This may not sound very entrepreneurial, but my big dream is for a CURE for cancer, which would mean there’d be no more need for CureWear. But until there’s a CURE, the first major goal is to ensure that any and every patient being treated via a medical port knows about us and has access to a CureWear shirt. Something like CureWear has the potential to revolutionize the way hospitals treat patients, and it’d be amazing if every patient being treated via a port was handed a CureWear shirt once the port was implanted!




 "It's not life's situations that define us, it's our reactions that define us." - that’s a quote from Alex Niles.


Anywhere with a beach! Top favs: The Big Island of Hawaii and every single one of the British Virgin Islands.


Coconut Bliss vegan ice cream (you can’t even tell it’s vegan!)

The Beachwaver (life-altering curling iron, trust me ladies.)


Burts Bees hydrating lip balm

Everything chocolate


Travel (namely to warm, sunny places), health & wellness, my family & friends.