David Noto: Owner & Importer of Altaneve

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Delivered directly from the foothills of the Italian Dolomites, comes the newest and most elegant Prosecco Superiore, Altaneve. Owned and imported by wine connoisseur David Noto, Altaneve is a refined yet versatile Prosecco, with elegant floral notes and a balanced sweetness and acidity. Descended from over ten generations of Italian winemakers, David grew up in a family whose history was entrenched in the world of winemaking. He worked as an engineer in Italy, but it was only after moving to the United States and working in finance that he became struck by the lack of high quality Prosecco on our shores, and returned to the rich vineyards of Italy to create a Prosecco that appealed to U.S. wine lovers.

David comments; “The vineyards in the foothills of the Dolomites have provided Prosecco for over 2,000 years, and I wanted to provide a luxury brand of Prosecco for wine connoisseurs in the United States, both in terms of taste and quality.”  

Altaneve is made of 100% handpicked Glera grapes, which give it a special minerality and elegance. Its’ crisp character and persistent fine perlage has garnered superlative reviews from critics and customers alike and is appreciated by both wine aficionados and adventurous social drinkers. David is now expanding Altaneve’s reach and has plans to launch a Glera grape based sparkling rosé in the near future.

What do you do best?

I strive to produce the highest quality Italian sparkling wines.

What makes you the best?

“The best” is very subjective in nature, so instead, I focus on quality and consistency:

I start by using the oldest known strains of Glera on the premier terroir of Valdobbiadene, Italy, the town reputed for producing the best Proseccos in the world.

I use generations of scientifically optimized agronomy techniques to produce the healthiest Glera grapes. 

I hand-harvest only the best grapes when they have the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness.

I combine the expertise of several generations of oenology with the latest innovative techniques to continually improve my wine.

I spent months in R&D to create attractive, memorable and elegant packaging

I use the highest quality ingredients and materials, all 100% made in Italy: yeasts, corks, labels, bottles, boxes, etc.

We performed 2 years of test marketing to select the ideal balance in taste profile for our different wines.

How will you become the best?

In the marketplace, I focus on the quality of my products, and the education of my consumers.  I tend to agree with the old SYMS slogan, "An Educated Consumer is our Best Customer."

What are your aspirations?

Business: I have focused on Personal or Business goals at different points in my life, and in my current role as owner/producer of Altaneve, these aspirations converge. My sole aspiration for the next 2+ years will be educating consumers and putting Altaneve wines on the map globally.

What fascinates you?

People fascinate me. I can sit in a train station or airport for hours just watching the people walk by and catching snippets of their conversations.



“If it were easy, everyone would be doing it”


What I wouldn’t give for a chat with Leonardo da Vinci…


Over the course of my life, I have lived in and traveled to many countries, and my favorites will always be the Riviera coast in Italy, the hills of Valdobbiadene, the mountains of CO and NYC.


As I have been in entrepreneurial marketing mode for the past 2 years since we launched in the U.S., the products and associated brands that amaze me the most are the ones that take on a life of their own with just a little push by their producers, most specifically, Apple and GoPro. The proponents and market saturation of these companies are astounding.


Wine and Automobiles!

Automobiles were my passion since childhood, and I only realized that wine might top everything else when I sold my car collection to advance my wine company.