Emily Grace Wright: Owner of T & Shop

My NativeAdVantage:


After graduating in anatomy & physiology (the iroko lab benches & scientific glassware are nostalgic), moved to paris for a year & lived above a boulangerie, then worked for an east london artist, then the charity Art Against Knives, then managed various boutiques & was a stylist & fashion VM at joseph & browns...a mixed bag but all surprisingly useful now.

My mother brought us up holistically so there's an element of the nutritional background to the food, it's her trick to use ground almonds instead of flour. I always bake gluten free/sugar free/dairy free options as I live on the food too so wanted to make it nutritious. the amber glass apothecary bottles are a nostalgic nod to the school science lab & fuel my obsession of decluttering space by using unbranded bottles (we can’t afford to buy everything from Aesop!)

What’s Your NativeAdVantage:

What do you do best?

Source product from independent emerging designer/makers

What makes you the best?

I go to all the open studios, trade shows, talk to designers, stalk instagrams, blogs...i’m interested in finding undiscovered talent

How will you become the best?

I am representing new brands at design junction in sept & hope that by showcasing them they will have a chance to grow & make their work commercially viable, so they can sustain it & encourage more people to live by the talent in their own hands.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: To have a really welcoming & creative home full of people

Business: To make the means to travel lots & be more spontaneous

What fascinates you?


What are Your Favorite:

Teas; lapsang souchong is one i think that’s really underrated. it’s a really smoky scent- i have been infusing oil with it to start the first samples of tea scented candles


I can’t think of any! but wabi-sabi as a principle is so beautiful & can be applied to lots of things...beauty in the old, worn, well-loved, imperfections...




London, particularly clissold park, but I love the sea too


Anything perfectly functional with a clean aesthetic


Good flooring, food, shoes, tea, obviously & baths