Sarah Spruell: Writer/Producer for film series Childlike

My NativeAdVantage:


Sarah Spruell is a writer and producer for the film series Childlike. A native of Birmingham, Alabama, she now lives in NYC where she is part of the Prillen team. An avid traveller, she has spent her most recent years in Italy, Turkey, and NYC.

As a youngster, she was always interested in art of all forms. She danced for fifteen years, studying ballet and modern dance. She discovered her love of film during her high school years, while enrolled in film class at Chapman University through the Duke TIP program. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to major in Business Administration at Birmingham-Southern College.

Currently, she is working with Prillen founder Steven Allen to raise money through Kickstarter for the film series Childlike, scheduled for release later this year. You can follow the Prillen team at

What’s Your NativeAdVantage:

What do you do best?

I think what I do best is seeing a big picture, and by thinking outside of the box and recognizing purposeful connections, am able to paint that picture. I have applied this in the past to everything from choreographing a dance to networking in the business arena.

What makes you the best?

What makes me the best is really listening to people when they talk to me, which allows me to communicate with people in a meaningful and inspiring way. Building trust and nurturing relationships is the key to long-term happiness and success.

How will you become the best?

I will continue to follow my heart and pursue projects that I am passionate about.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: I want to continue meeting new people and making friends. I would also like to travel to as many places as possible and learn about other cultures.

Business: I want to continue honing my skills and working on creative projects.

What fascinates you?

People fascinate me; the idea that every person has their own story. I always wonder what it is. I can sit and people-watch for hours.



The only thing constant is change. People: My family and friends.


Florence, Italy and New York City.


My phone, it helps me to not get lost. Also my Frye boots, they’ve walked many streets with me.


Art, business, and food.