Phil Hunter: Founder/CEO of Ordo

My NativeAdVantage:


Phil qualified from Oxford Brookes as an Automotive Engineer back in 2006, had numerous roles working in Motorsport and Engine Development, then returned to academia to complete a Masters in Management from Leeds Business School. Since then he has been an Analytics Manager for the largest search aggregating platform before founding Ordo in 2014.

What’s Your NativeAdVantage:

What do you do best?

I solve problems using data. I hadn’t realised until recently but every role I have had has had the same core element running through it.

If I see inefficiency, I focus in on it. I’m always looking for improvements that can be made, which can be from anything from standing in a line, to ordering a book, to making cars go faster round a track.

What makes you the best?

“The best” a strong title. I have spent my life getting frustrated by inefficiency so I guess the fact you are always looking for improvement instils a practice in you that helps you to get better constantly.

At Ordo we focus on using data to improve all aspects of a business, the consumer interaction and helping everyone. I guess this is just a reflection on my skill set.

How will you become the best?

By deduction I am already the best based on your last question.  I don’t think the best is an achievable state, you can be the best at something, but that only means you are better than the competition. You can never be better than yourself. So I guess on that basis, never stop growing, learning & doing.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: I want to help people to become better at what they want to do, and help them feel like they can achieve whatever they want to without the fear of failure which so many people seem to have. I’d also like to have children, as I imagine that completes you as a person.

Business: I want to build a business that benefits other businesses and their consumers, while removing as much inefficiency in the workflows as possible! (I hate waiting in line if you hadn’t already guessed)

What fascinates you?

Data…..It always amazes me the inferences you can make from data. Whether it is understanding a social movement through communication, or the effect the weather has on the sale of an item. I like the way it removes subjectivity, and you can make decisions based on a measurement (that’s the engineer in me).

What are Your Favorite:


“Success is always on the other side of Failure”

This one keeps me going through most setbacks. I also came across Robert Kiyosaki recently and his quote “Success is a poor teacher” resonated with me.


Seth Godin – The guy is a word genius, I wish I could be a fraction as articulate as him. He can break a complex feeling or interaction down to a clear and concise soundbite.


On Top of a mountain – I love being on top of the world, above the clouds, in the cold, clean air. Although it’s a complicated feeling due to my fear of heights!


Anything that solves a problem in the simplest way. There is no substitute for intelligent, uncomplicated design.


I love learning and putting new knowledge into practice. I like to hear different perspectives on things and have a reasoned and objective discussion about it.