Joel Sauceda: President & CEO of JB Internet Holdings Corp.

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Joel Sauceda President & CEO of JB Internet Holdings Corp. Joel is a self made entrepreneur who got his start in the direct marketing industry at the age of 19. Known as the "Dot Com Guy", Joel has broken multiple records in the Online marketing industry and is responsible for multi-million dollars in Online revenues over the past 12 years. Joel has launched and sustained numerous Online and off-line ventures in his 21 year business career to include, an Online market place that caters to the hundreds of millions of Online buyers and sellers. Joel is also responsible for procuring and developing the AdPlotter technology that is in the process of being patented. This technology is the first web based ad "multi-poster" ever created and has been in beta test for the past 14 months. Joel is the father of two teen aged children and resides in San Antonio Texas. Joel is a former Air Force Reservist and Texas Air National Guardsman. Joel's second passion besides Internet marketing and business is supporting causes that benefit wounded warriors and their families. Joel is also and avid cyclist with a passion for health and wellness.

What do you do best?

I am an idea person who is good at organizing the right people to execute my ideas into reality. It is a passion of mine to have a thought and nurture that thought into a plan and watch it come to life! The tech sector is my favorite playing field for this type of creativity!

What makes you the best?

I am passionate at what I do and love watching people succeed and receive credit where credit is due. I am a connector of people! People are the most important part of any business and connecting the right people with the intent of sharing a vision in which everyone believes in and all can derive benefit is what makes me the best at what I do!

How will you stay the best?

I will learn from the mistakes of my past, make new mistakes and learn from them as well! Experience will guide me towards becoming the best while keeping my “Never Give Up” pledge to myself and the people I care about.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Personal: I want to be as healthy (both physically and mentally) as possible so I can live a long, productive life and provide a great future for the people I love. I want to build stronger relationships with my kids (they are teens now!) and help them along the bumpy road of life and help steer them away from mistakes I made in the past.

Business: I want to take our 14 year old company to a new level and impact the lives of people who have helped us thrive and survive all of these years (300 Elite, you know how you are!). I want to create tremendous market value in our company so the employees who have been so loyal and passionate about our vision all these years can look forward to short term and long term financial security. With the plan that my board of directors and partner have devised, I believe we will exceed expectations based on relationships and joint ventures we are in the process of entering into.

What fascinates you?

Technology of course fascinates me, but oddly enough, the question of whether there is life on other planets is extremely fascinating to me (I do not watch much television but when an alien show is on, I usually stop by for awhile!).

Favorite Motto?

“LEAP and the NET shall appear!” - LES BROWN and one more…. “The Harder You Work…The Luckier You Get!”

Favorite People?

Red McCombs, Mark Cuban and last but not least, Jimmy Buffett!

Favorite Places?

Key West, Port O’connor, Caribbean and a good wine tasting place in the hill country of Texas.

Favorite Products?

I am an APPLE-Hollic…I have every Apple “trinket” from Ipads, watches to the MacBook Air I am typing the answers to this interview on!

Current Passions?

I am passionate about health and fitness, cycling and kayaking!