Robin Sagon Drews: Co-Founder of Independence Day Clothing

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Robin Sagon spent more than 20 years in broadcast radio, many as the news voice of NYC rock powerhouse, WNEW-FM.  Her unique position gave her a front row seat to many of the 70's and 80's seminal events, from Simon and Garfunkel's concert in Central Park, to the hallways of Roosevelt Hospital with the death of John Lennon.  She was backstage at rock concerts, from the Rolling Stones, to Bruce Springsteen and got to know many of the greats who walked through the doors at 'NEW for interviews on her groundbreaking talk show, "FM".   Later, at CBS Radio Networks, Robin was a news anchor, and continued to cover entertainment stories for the radio giant.  Robin has joined with former news colleague, Lauren Thierry to launch Independence Day Clothing, a GPS enabled, easy on and off line of clothing aimed at the 23 million Americans who have difficulty getting dressed.  For more information, please visit

What do you do best?

Conceptualizing.  I’m able to take an idea and transform it into something tangible.

What makes you the best? 

A strong belief in myself and no fear of being "different”

How will you become the best? 

Hard work because it pays off.

What are your aspirations?

Personal: To honor my interests every day.

Business: To make Independence Day Clothing a global necessity

Favorite Motto: Never give up, never give in

Favorite People:

Bill and Melinda Gates, the Emanuel brothers, the Koch brothers, Aaron Sorkin, Neil Patrick Harris, Jon Stewart, Howard Stern, President Obama, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Roger Federer

Favorite Places:

I love London, Manhattan and Long Island’s North Shore.

Favorite Products:

I can’t live without my X3, my Devoucoux saddle, and as much good cashmere as I can find

Current Passions:

Equestrian Sport.  I’d also love to learn to sing and dance for the Broadway stage.