Ruben Miessen: Founder of Remedia BVBA, FriendFinder, PeoplePlanner

My NativeAdVantage:


I'm a 20 years old entrepreneur, currently graduating on a Multimedia & Communication Technology bachelor course at the Erasmus University College Brussels. During my studies I have been working as a freelancer for over 3 years and have started multiple projects. One of my most recent projects, FriendFinder is recognized and selected to be at the Top 15% of thousands of submitted projects and will be presented at the Dublin Web Summit –the biggest technology conference in Europe- in November. A first version of the app will be released within a month for iOS and Android. I love technology and concept development combined with fresh design. My interest in IT started just before I enrolled in the IT Management course on high school. During the start of the course I also started working as a freelancer while creating websites on the Elance platform. For that I received 20+ 5/5 ratings. I was learning a lot more about the IT industry and improved my concept development skills whilst working together with big companies like Microsoft San Francisco and Swiss Account Services S.A. as a contractor. During my study at the Erasmus University College Brussels, I also started a multimedia company. My company called Remedia BVBA is located in Leuven, Belgium. We provide the design and development of websites, mobile apps and digital marketing to generate a cash flow which we use to invest in in-house projects like FriendFinder.

What do you do best?

During my work experience and studies I specialized in devising the concepts of websites, tools and mobile apps. I feel I’m best at thinking of new concepts and coming up with innovative ways to handle something differently, making it more user-friendly and more enjoyable. I used this technique for my current project: FriendFinder. Instead of making technology change the way people interact in a bad way I managed to create a mobile application which makes it possible for technology to allow extempore meeting. Via this app, technology literally pushes people to meet each other.

What makes you the best?

I’m young, ambitious and creative. I don’t fear taking risks, I like to undertake and try new things. I apply this vision in all my projects as I did recently into FriendFinder. Keeping track of the location of everyone is not an evident subject, it brings people out of their comfort zone, it’s a controversial topic. At the same time it makes things so much easier.

How will you stay the best?

When I have a goal in mind I am prepared to make a lot of efforts to make it happen. I will try to anticipate on setbacks and if needed provide for an alternative while thinking out of the box. Besides all the controversy that FriendFinder may bring, people should think about all the pro’s such an app would offer. Worried mums would never have to worry anymore about where their kids are, young people that go out will be able to find their friends in a matter of seconds in a busy city at night, entreprises are able to locate their workers on the road during work hours, .. Even just having a meeting becomes easier.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Personal: Succeed as an entrepreneur by devising a concept that will be used by thousands of users and to really add an added value to the life of many people. Improve my skills of concept development and as a graphic designer.

Business: To find an investor for FriendFinder, PeoplePlanner that makes it possible to completely develop and finish this project and grow it into a bigger network.

What fascinates you?

I’m fascinated by young entrepreneurs with an unique idea who manage to buildup a prestigious IT company.

Favorite Motto?

“If you believe, you can achieve.”

Favorite People?

Mark Zuckerberg, Jan Koum, Brian Actom, Travis Kalanick, Garrett Camp, .. They all had a dream with a great idea, started small and built it into something much bigger.

Favorite Places?

Depends on the mood I am on. A walk in the Rocky Mountains area in Alberta, Canada is a unique, exciting experience whilst on other days drinking a beer at a cozy bar in Louvain, Belgium can be very relaxing.

Favorite Products?

FriendFinder and PeoplePlanner. After working on these for some months, it’s been hard to think about something else.

Current Passions?

Travelling and learning about new cultures. I have travelled around Europe and been in the United States, Canada and Mexico.