Debra C. Hoffman: Broker, TOWN Residential

My NativeAdVantage:


Growing up in a commercial real estate family in Los Angeles, I was always attracted to what "home" was to people. After many years as a real estate and trusts and estates paralegal I realized that because of my love of real estate I could really excel in sales, while enjoying it. I particularly like selling estate apartments as I keep up on the laws and regulations associated with them. I also know the executors or administrators of the estate are going through a hard time and I do a lot of hand holding through the process, which I am good at. I was a top sales person at my previous company and won many awards over the years not just in sales but in marketing. My children are grown so my life is dedicated to my clients.

What do you do best?

Listen. I am working on behalf of my clients, not for myself. We are working to buy or sell a home and it is their money, not mine. Home is where your life happens. I listen to my clients intently and mostly find a bond and things in common. Many of my clients become personal friends as we are on the same wave length. Sometimes a client is not sure what they want and I have to listen to read between the lines or take them to a lot of homes to watch their body language to see what they really want.

What makes you the best?

Being raised by parents who survived the Great Depression, I was raised with a tremendous work ethic. My husband has the same work ethic and he understands when I take a call at 11:00 at night from a frantic client who can’t sleep because they are worried about not filling out a coop board package correctly. My clients know I am always there for them

How will you become the best?

I believe I can learn from everything. Not only my successes but failures as well. At Town Residential we have a team culture and I always am learning from all of my colleagues as well whether they are new in the business or a seasoned veteran. Every lesson can be translated in a positive way to my business.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Personal: Taking better care of myself and spending more time with my family where I can truly relax.

Business: To grow my business in all price points and explore neighborhoods that are new to me such as FiDi.

What fascinates you?

People who seem to have life served to them on a silver platter. This is truly never the case. I know these people are always prepared for whatever circumstance they encounter. It starts with a positive and “can do” attitude but I love to watch the process of success.

Favorite Motto?

Always be grateful for what you have and treat everyone as you would want your family and yourself to be treated.

Favorite People?

Positive people who never have a negative thing to say about anyone. Even when something really bad happens to them, they look sad for a moment but never lash out.

Favorite Places?

Ooooh, it’s a few depending on what is going on in my life. Woodstock when I need to get away, The Hamptons when I need water and out of the ordinary socializing, and my favorite chair in my living room when I just need to have quiet and what I call “alone” time.

Favorite Products?

Any product that makes life easier and saves time without compromising relationships with people.

Current Passions?

Music and spin. For the soul and the body. I must stay balanced to be there 100% for my clients, my friends and my family.