Kelly Robinson: Associate Real Estate Broker at CORE Group Marketing

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Kelly Robinson has over a decade of extensive experience with co-ops, condos, townhouses and new development projects where she played an integral part of the deal from inception through sell out. Creativity and perseverance are two of her strongest assets which consistently allow her clients to win in the most competitive markets. Discretion and honesty are key aspects of Kelly’s work ethic. She is attentive, market educated and well prepared, focusing on the facts, figures and statistics necessary to make prudent investment decisions. An invaluable partner on both sides of the table, she will always work to protect your best interests and negotiate seamlessly on your behalf. Kelly was born in NY, raised in CT and holds a BFA from Rutgers. She is involved with multiple charities and most recently co-founded the Edward Jay Robinson Scholarship Fund in honor of her dad, which assists a young athlete with college tuition. She is a Certified Negotiation Expert, holds the exclusive NY Residential Specialist designation and is a member of the Real Estate Board of NY Residential Sales Council.

(310 East 46th Street, 16V)

What do you do best?

I get people. I have strong intuition which allows me to quickly analyze others & figure out what motivates them. This is invaluable when finding homes for customers. I understand what they are drawn to & why. I appreciate their needs & they appreciate that.

What makes you the best?

My ability to listen, sympathize, execute, expedite & follow through

How will you become the best?

Through discipline, continuous education & a willingness to evolve. I will treat obstacles as opportunities to be creative.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Personal: I co-founded the EJR Scholarship Fund in honor of my father. We assist young rugby players with college tuition. I want to expand it next year to the TriState area, then to the Northeast & eventually across the nation.

Business: To be the best in class in my field & still find balance & joy in my personal life. I don't need to be the biggest or the fanciest. Just the best.

What fascinates you?

That's a loaded question. Psychology is very interesting to me. I am also a data nerd. I love statistics.

Favorite Motto?

"Failure is the mother of success" "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he"

Favorite People?

Amelia Earhart, Florence Nightingale

Favorite Places?

I've slept on a missionary base floor & I've stayed in some of the most highly regarded resorts on earth. I typically like it to be one extreme or the other. I do love the Mayan Riviera. Quick flight, amazing food.

Favorite Products? Docusign, Purell. Odd combination?

Current Passions?

My family, expanding the EJR Scholarship, NYT crossword puzzles, interior design, fitness, tequila.

Twitter: @REtweetNYC