Sandi Amorim: Master Coach, NLP Practitioner, & Bestselling Author of "The 100 Day Promise"

My NativeAdVantage: Igniting revolution from the inside out.


Sandi Amorim is a Master Coach, NLP Practitioner, and author of the Amazon bestseller, The 100 Day Promise. Her passion for freedom has led to twenty years studying human potential: what makes us tick, what keeps us stuck, and most importantly, what helps us thrive. A beloved coach by many, she has been called a cage-rattler, and modern day freedom fighter due to her no-holds-barred spin on personal development. A pioneer in the coaching industry, she is outspoken about the process of change, and how many of the old beliefs that surround personal growth and change have to adapt to the 21st century and the wave of research from the fields of Neuroscience and Positive Psychology. She has transformed countless lives with her message that effective change requires an inner revolution, and that it’s not as hard you as think. She can be found online at and

What do you do best?

I listen, and ask the right questions; the kind of questions that wake people up to what’s really important to them. I am an avid learner, curious about everything, and this ignited an insatiable desire to understand human development. This desire led to an eclectic education: fine-arts, coaching, and personal growth, which had me become very effective at getting people unstuck. Why get unstuck? Because freedom is on the other side and I believe that’s what we’re here to experience.

What makes you the best?

I use what I’ve learned before sharing it with others. This means I can relate to almost anything that comes up for my clients. I don’t just talk about the tools of personal growth, I use them to transform the issues in my own life. What makes me better is acknowledging that I’m often just as challenged by life. I’m real and down to earth, and this has people come to know and trust me. This level of authenticity, and sometimes vulnerability isn’t always comfortable, but it makes for a powerful relationship – the perfect environment for coaching.

How will you become the best?

My curiousity and desire to learn is always leading me to try new things which then leads to new ways of working with clients. Everything I go through in my life becomes a way of improving my work as a coach. My passion for helping people has been the driving force in my education and training, as well as my business for over twenty years. I don’t see this ending any time soon.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Personal: To love more.

Business: To have The 100 Day Promise become a world-class standard for people when they are trying to change something in their lives. Whether it’s changing a habit, developing a new practice, or learning to love yourself, when we learn that the process of change is within our control, anything becomes possible.

What fascinates you?

Human potential, Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Art, Artists, self-expression, creativity.

Favorite Motto?

Life is a promise; fulfill it.

Favorite People?

Danielle LaPorte, Patti Digh, Dr. Joe DiSpenza, Fabeku Fatunmise, Seth Godin, and Angela Lauria. Each have inspired me in their own unique ways.

Favorite Places?

London (because I love history), Italy (for its people and culture), Vancouver (for the extraordinary relationship between natural beauty and urban life), and the walk along the river outside my home.

Favorite Products?

I’m not very tech savvy, but I do love my laptop, iPhone, and Facebook for connecting me to people worldwide. I love The Desire Map for the impact it’s had on my life and the people I’ve coached.

Current Passions?

Chanting, cooking, traveling, photography, books, and my Scottish Terrier, Tarty.