Jessica Walter, MD: Founder/CEO of Oviary

My NativeAdVantage: Oviary: A New Home for Birth Control.


From working in Peru as a patient educator to Harvard Medical School, Jessie has always been passionate about women's health. Currently a resident in OB-GYN at Northwestern University, she founded Oviary with the goal of making oral contraception work better for the modern woman. As a long-term birth control user herself, she knows how scary it can be when a dose is missed. Jessie believes in the power of female-led innovation to solve problems facing women worldwide.

What do you do best?

Learning. One of things I love best about being a doctor is the opportunity to constantly learn something new everyday. Every day there are new studies, new breakthroughs and new innovations that happen. For me, it’s an incredibly rewarding experience to constantly learn. I’d like to think that’s what I do best. I learn from my patients, my colleagues and everything else in between to be a better doctor and a better innovator.

What makes you the best?

My patients are what drive me each and every day. My motivation comes from talking to women about their issues and concerns. When I see pressing clinical problems facing my patients, I’m driven to do my best work whether it’s direct patient care or innovation.

How will you stay the best?

I love working in small teams, particularly teams with individuals having really varied backgrounds – that’s when the best comes out of me. When you’re in a working session with exciting, brilliant and different people, really creative ideas and solutions evolve. Oviary was created by a small team. I loved interfacing with designers, engineers, and programmers to build Oviary. It was fun bringing those different skill sets into a solution for women’s health.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Personal: Achieving the perfect work life balance.

Business: Technology entrepreneurship is very male dominated. I think that a woman’s perspective and leadership is critical for innovation in health. My aspiration in business is to be a future role model for female innovators. Women should be leading the charge in solving problems that affect women.

What fascinates you?

Aha moments! I feel like every big accomplishment in human history can be tied to an Aha moment. For me, I always wonder how that Aha moment comes about? In the shower? Meditation? For Oviary, we had an Aha moment in one of our sessions trying to break down the problem of missed birth control doses. After jumping from an app idea to a call center, Oviary came into focus.

Favorite Motto?

“Don’t be above the bedpan.” Being a successful healthcare provider and entrepreneur have a lot of similarities. There are glamorous aspects of the job-- delivering babies, watching your ideas come to life, but these moments are most often borne on the back of the most mundane responsibilities and tasks, from faxing paperwork to emptying the bedpan.

Favorite People?


Favorite Places?

Boston- a city bursting at the seams with young talent, intellect, and entrepreneurs where I have met my current collaborators and greatest mentors Cusco, Peru- where I discovered the power of pap smears Singapore- the best chicken rice in the world Jurassic Park- my favorite pipedream

Favorite Products?

The birth control pill! Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Current Passions?

Solving problems in women’s health.