Astrid Longhurst: Author, Body Confidence Coach, & TV Body Image Expert

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Astrid Longhurst –Author, Body Confidence Coach, TV Body Image Expert. Astrid is a world class Body Confidence Coach, Author and TV Body Image expert. She is the founder and director of the transformational Body Confidence Coaching programme. Astrid’s work takes her all over the world delivering workshops, seminars and presentations. She also provides expert consultancy for many blue-chip multinational companies seeking advice on how to implement and use Body Intelligence (BQ) in the work place for increased personal power and professional performance.

Astrid is the author of the highly acclaimed book, “Body Confidence” (Penguin/Michael Joseph) and was the former fitness presenter on GMTV (UK) delivering her hugely inspirational morning workouts for every shape, size, age and ability! Her work has been featured in major Television & media channels including GMTV, BBC, RTE, SKY LIVING, DISPATCHES, CHANNEL 4, ITV, THIS MORNING, THE CLOTHES SHOW and many more.

Astrid is the “Go to” Body Confidence expert of choice for the media and she has provided expert advice, articles and comment for Cosmopolitan, Company, Zest, Health & Fitness, Woman’s Way, Bella, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Guardian, Health Plus, The Irish Examiner, Good Housekeeping, Red, Glow, The TV Times, Prima, Glamour, Sugar and You are what you eat magazine.

Astrid wowed the nation when she became the first Plus size fitness presenter on UK National Television motivating people to love their body, get fit and feel FABULOUS no matter what their shape, size, age or ability!

Astrid is a sought after keynote inspirational speaker for many major health & fitness conferences and expos including The Vitality Show (London) The Ideal Home Show (London), Mind body spirit show at The RDS (Dublin). The NURSES CONFERENCE (NHS).

Astrid was also one of the first generation of Plus sized models who pioneered the way for women to look and feel fabulous at every shape, size and age! She graced the catwalk stage at many of the premier London fashion stores including HARRODS, DICKINS & JONES, SELFRIDGES and was the poster girl for MARKS & SPENCER in one of their major plus size clothing campaigns. Astrid was also the fitness editor for “YES” magazine and was delighted when her fabulous fitness video, The ABC workout was listed as one of the top four workout videos in the fitness video charts. Her personal life & body story is inspirational! (You can read all about Astrid’s body journey at

What do you do best?

I help people to fall in love with their body, develop body intelligence and live their most magnificent life! Whether it’s in business or your personal life your body is where you live! When you understand how to tap into the extraordinary innate intelligence and wisdom of your body, every single aspect of your life is transformed. More and more businesses are realizing that Body Intelligence is a very real and valuable source of information that they can use in all of their decision-making and work performance. One of my greatest gifts is to help people to connect and communicate with their own body intelligence and apply this knowledge in all that they do and who they are. With the increasing rates of stress related disease our body is our most valuable and vital asset. Energy is key. I teach and coach people and organizations how to maximize their energy levels, create and sustain a harmonious and exuberant inner environment, move out of fear, anxiety and stress into conscious, mindful, self-motivating and loving ways of being, living and working. I combine quantum science, epigenetics, mindful movement, energy medicine and leading edge Body Confidence Coaching techniques to help people to become the very best and fullest expression of who they authentically are.

What makes you the best?

I believe that our stories shape our lives. The things that we go through, overcome and learn from become the greatest teachers in our life. It is my own personal story through out my life that makes me the best in what I do. My own struggles with body image, illness, chronic self doubt, fear and anxiety pushed me to become the teacher, writer and coach that has shaped the authentic brand that is me. My own body journey compelled me to go beyond what I thought was possible and emerge as the woman that I am today. I combine my professional expertise with my personal passion to help other people go beyond their own limitations and shine out loud! My work is not just what I do – It’s who I am!

How will you stay the best?

What a lovely question! For me staying the best means consistently learning, being open, curious, passionate, seizing and savoring the moment and living my authentic truth every day! To BE the best you have to FEEL THE BEST and that’s what I do and who I am.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Personal: To keep shining out loud and loving the moments!

Business: To generate and implement a new Body Culture & Movement through transformational inspirational education programmes, TV, media, writing and coaching. To inspire, lead the way in Body Confidence Coaching and change the shape of the world.

What fascinates you?

People fascinate me. Life fascinates me. The arc of a double rainbow on a hazy summers day fascinates me. The smell of rain on gravel after a summer’s storm fascinates me. What fascinates other people fascinates me. Life is fascinating. I can never be bored while I continually fall in love with the ordinary, extraordinary moments that life offers us to delight in every day!

Favorite Motto?

It’s not who you are that holds you back – it’s who you think you’re not!

Favorite People?

Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Gabrielle Roth, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Katie Piper, Donna Eden, Dr. Joe Dispenza and my beautiful family & friends.

Favorite Places?

Ireland, Barcelona, Barbados, Southern Spain, New Orleans and am passionate about seeing more of the States.

Favorite Products?

Wildly romantic taffeta skirts, the sweetest organza shawl, flying first class and dreaming all the way, ruffled duvet covers, my four poster bed, Louise Kennedy crystal glasses and pretty much anything with roses on it!

Current Passions?

Dancing on the beach, teaching my mindful movement energy practice, Body Confidence coaching, writing, creating, drawing, afternoon tea sipped from my favorite rose china cup, laughing, walking my beloved dogs, feeling the breeze in my hair…probably too many to list here. Life is my passion.