Jonathan Williams: Founder of USBeast Electronics

My NativeAdVantage: Founder of USBeast Electronics – Leading the Charge.


An eager learner and self-starter, Jonathan has felt the overwhelming need to create new things for as long as he can remember. (He dreamt up a hybrid-electric go cart at age 9, before he knew what hybrid vehicles were.) Over a decade ago, he was one of the youngest candidates ever to qualify for and pass the exam to be a Journeyman Electrician, the highest certification level for electricians in the state of California. He has done collegiate level coursework in: design, electronics, mechanical engineering, CAD, computer science, programming, mathematics, psychology, communication, accounting, economics and more. He is the creator of the USBeast Portable Ryobi-based USB charger and the founder of USBeast Electronics. He is also the founder of The Artisans Work, a boutique design studio that specializes in U.S. handmade houseware items.

What do you do best?

 Problem Solving, Design, And Prototyping.

What makes you the best?

I have never stopped learning and training myself to be better and I never will. I am a realist about the way things really are in the present moment and I’m an optimist about the future.

How will you stay the best?

More learning. Everything that I have accomplished so far in life has been due to my determination to learn new skills and refine them. Unique perspectives are invaluable to a designer and I see connections that others tend not to. This could be from the fact that I have gotten my feet wet in so many different disciplines over the years.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Personal: I hope to someday inspire people to live creatively, do their best work, and be a positive force in society.

Business: To make USBeast a top brand in the portable power and mobile device accessory markets by developing more of our innovative designs. We are already working on 2 sequals to the USBeast Ryobi Charger, and have MANY more concepts in the works. Utimately though, I hope to someday spend my time and energy exclusively on designing solutions to the more important and difficult problems people face.

What fascinates you?

I’m fascinated by the history, design, and evolution of artifacts in human society, and how we have manipulated our surroundings in order to bend reality to our will.

Favorite Motto?

“Live like you will die tomorrow, learn like you will live forever.” – Gandhi.

Favorite People?

Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln.

Favorite Places?

Any place Tropical, Los Angeles, London.

Favorite Products?

Ryobi tools, Leatherman tools, Arduino & Particle microcontrollers, besides USBeast chargers, of course.

Current Passions?

Design, Learning, Innovation, Coffee, Electronics, Industry, Automation, Robotics, Coffee, Home Brewing, Food, Art and Coffee.