Ryan Frankel: Co-founder & CEO of VerbalizeIt

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Ryan is the Co-founder and CEO of VerbalizeIt, the language translation platform for business. VerbalizeIt uses proprietary technology and its own community of 25,000 translators to power business internationalization across 150 languages and over every medium of communication. Previously, Ryan was a private equity investor for Goldman Sachs’ Special Situations Group. He’s a proud Haverford College, Wharton MBA and Techstars alumnus and the recipient of Inc. Magazine 2014 Top 35 Under 35 Entrepreneur award. Ryan is a recovering collegiate baseball player and lover of endurance athletics and he has enjoyed competing in an Ironman triathlon and multiple marathons. He lives in New York City with his beautiful wife and pair of running shoes. When he’s not working, writing or training, you can find him toiling in the kitchen to craft the perfect protein brownie.

What do you do best?

Despite the risks for inefficiencies, I’ve become proficient at multitasking across business and personal endeavors. I’m able to compartmentalize segments of my life in order to remain highly-focused on one initiative while also keeping momentum moving on several others. Whether it’s closing an important business opportunity, hiring a new colleague, planning a future trip or just checking-in on my family, I pride myself on taking on as much as I can without sacrificing quality.

What makes you the best?

I’m obsessive about surrounding myself with people smarter than I am. Doing so does wonders for elevating my own performance in my personal and professional life and enables me to consistently take part in new experiences and unique forms of intellectual stimulation. How’s that for nerdy?!

How will you stay the best?

To stay sharp, I rely on a great support system from family, friends and colleagues but I’m also methodical about taking part in fitness activities that recharge my mind and body. Some of the best ideas have come while out on a run or in the swimming pool, and I can always count on fresh air to carry me through stressful times.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Personal: Simply to give more back to the world than I’ve taken away. This applies to the relationship with my family and the imprint I leave behind on those that I’ve touched.

Business: Build a series of high-growth businesses capable of altering the way we live our lives, and in doing so, create meaningful job opportunities for those along for the ride!

What fascinates you?

I’m fascinated by how far we can push our minds and bodies to learn something (or many things!) about ourselves. Taking part in extreme athletic events or new cultural experiences that push me outside of my comfort zone has always intrigued me.

Favorite Motto?

From Jon Blaze: Live more than your neighbors. Unleash yourself upon the world and go places. Go now. Giggle, no, laugh, and bark at the moon like the wild dog you are. Understand that this is not a dress rehearsal, this is it, your life.
 Face your fears and live your dreams.
 Take it all in. Yes every chance you get, come close. And by all means, what ever you do, get it on film!!! I love Jon’s motto for living life and I’ve tried to remain in the present and enjoy the journey without being overly focusing on the destination. It’s not easy and I’m constantly reminding myself that the destination is only but a fraction of the time and effort required to achieve one’s objectives.

Favorite People?

My parents. No two people have shaped who I am today and inspired me to be my best as they have.

Favorite Places?

Bar Harbor, Maine, Franschhoek, South Africa, New York City's West Side Highway during sunrise, Camp Saginaw in Pennsylvania

Favorite Products?

My future Golden Retriever, my Garmin 910XT GPS watch, Fuji apples, Philz Coffee, my Cervelo P2 triathlon-bike and anything that can be imbibed or consumed in the presence of my beautiful wife.

Current Passions?

Mentorship, triathlon, writing, travel, cuisine and wine!