Andrew Byrnes: CEO & Co-Founder of Stower

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Andrew Byrnes is CEO and co-Founder of Stower, an energy company that delivers personal, sustainable energy solutions for individuals. He founded Stower with Adam Kell while studying energy materials at Stanford, establishing the vision for well-designed energy products and services to meet specific, emerging demands. Andrew began his energy career developing and financing utility-scale wind and solar projects throughout the US.

What do you do best?

Personal energy. My day is not only consumed with growing our company, but also prototyping Stower’s products to ultimately deliver on-demand energy to all corners of the world. It’s a big vision, but I’m very confident in the team we have to get there.

What makes you the best?

Staying modest. My wife, Patty, definitely makes me better.

How will you stay the best?

As with everything in the Valley, things move and change extremely fast with all aspects of our business. Being open to new ideas and willing to learn is the only way we can survive and grow. If you can’t learn it, find great talent to bring it on.

What are your aspirations: business & personal?

Personal: My biggest ambition is to be the best husband and founder I can be, in that order.

Business: It's to sever the power line connecting a home to the grid – in a city like in Fresno, Baton Rogue, or Chicago – and have the owners like it. Reliable wireless electricity service, that’s our goal.


What fascinates you?

Electrons, and human behavior – let me explain. The amazing thing about grid-based electricity is how easy it is for individuals to control it – with the simple act of flipping a light switch, I have essentially infinite powers to control light, cook food, and exactly manage my personal environment. But what if that control were to go away? As things people are totally lawless and chaotic – me more than most – and I always catch myself thinking about how habit and behavior influence simple, everyday preference, and how the world build around us influences our decisions and personal traits. That’s what I love about what we do at Stower. Our goal is to design sustainable energy products that approach the simplicity of a light switch, but the big challenge is if we can do it in ways that work with people’s current habits.

Favorite Motto?

To Infinity and Beyond!

Favorite People?

My wife, Patty, and my family. I also really like the folks I work with at Stower. And my friends. And other founders. Actually, I have a lot of favorites – my favorite people are good people.

Favorite Places?

Yellowstone National Park and the Tetons – pretty unbeatable. Oh! And the basement of Green Library at Stanford. Never known a place I where I could focus like in that basement. Very zen.

Favorite Products?

Anything designed to be inherently efficient and sustainable, like a bicycle.

Current Passions?

Stower – I’m nuts about bringing our vision to life. We’re currently running a Kickstarter for the Candle Charger, our newest product that focuses on indoor charging during power outages and emergencies.